In Defense of Our Children

In Defense of Our Children

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Let it not be reflected in human history that we did nothing when the health of our children was at stake. At this point, the vaccination of our children against COVID-19 does not meet the established principle of first ensuring that no harm is done.

The current vaccinations are experimental and are under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). In this context, the following require particular consideration:

  • The rising incidence of adverse events from the current COVID-19 experimental injections, including myocarditis, cannot simply be ignored and merits serious investigation
  • The effects on the maturation of the immune, reproductive, and nervous system of young infants/ children/ teens also need to be carefully assessed
  • The replacement of robust natural immunity with a shorter and less competent vaccination immunity is cause for grave concern

Vaccinating children for COVID-19, therefore, exposes them to risks that far outweigh the hoped-for benefit, especially given that children have an extremely low risk from this disease. There is absolutely no justification to hurry the vaccination and put children in harm’s way at this time.

We believe that children, especially, have to be protected and their interests safeguarded. Decisions that are meant for their welfare should be prudent and judicious.

The signatories of this statement call on all who take the side of resisting the rush to vaccinate children, and wait until the vaccine is proven necessary, effective, and safe beyond reasonable doubt. Let us instead focus on supporting the health and wellness of our children, of our families and of our nation by enhancing the immune intelligence through promoting healthy diet, daily sun exposure, adequate sleep, regular exercise, warm human exchange, and appropriate home-based treatment.

#resisttherush #safertowait

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About us:

We are a group of pediatricians, parents, medical doctors, teachers, professionals, and other adults all concerned with upholding children's best interests.

* If you are a medical doctor, a scientist and/or a lawyer, and you decide to stand with us and sign this petition, please indicate your credentials after your last name.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!