Stop the proposed cuts to fertility treatment in Northern Ireland

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We the under signed do not accept the proposed Financial Planning Savings Plan 2017/2018 as dated 24th August 2017, with regards to cuts in Regional Fertility Services. We request that you review your proposal to defer NHS treatments for new patients until 1st April 2018 and desist from removing the £0.75m funding required for this service to continue.

For my partner and I our journey started in March 2016 when we found out we were pregnant with our first child, our happiness was not to last though and in the same week I required emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. We lost our baby and my right fallopian tube. In March 2017 we sadly suffered our second ectopic pregnancy and this time I was treated with methotrexate and it was a long heartbreaking 8 weeks of worry until I was classed as no longer pregnant and safe from risk of my fallopian tube rupturing and causing risk to my life, we  were heartbroken all over again. The hospital staff and my gp have all been amazing and a world of strength and support but still we struggle. We have been referred for IVF treatment and are currently on the waiting list. With the announcement of the proposed cuts to Fertility treatment on 24th August 2017 our hearts were broken all over again. Our one chance at having our family could slip away. Most people will know someone who struggles with Fertility issues so we ask for your support at this heartbreaking, anxious time.

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