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The perks of being a loyal customer will soon mean nothing.

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Starting October 16th, Starbucks will no longer give free syrup or soy to their reward card members. There is no "extra" cost on their end, as soy is about half as much as cream made from cow's milk. There is no reason why any coffee shop should still be charging extra for soy; It's more sustainable, and much more environmentally friendly than cow's milk, and isn't that what Starbucks is trying to do? Create a more eco-friendly image?

Why did Starbucks do the reward program in the first place? Easy: it saves THEM money, not just you: Every time a Starbucks card is used in place of a credit / debit card, Starbucks saves about 2% per transaction. Starbucks wins when you auto-reload for larger amounts. If you put $100 on your gift card for the month, you save Starbucks about $2. Load it up for $20 and you save Starbucks around 50 cents (given that each merchant negotiates different terms with credit card companies, this is not exact).
Get the point? It's all about making a profit. Now they want to double their profits by stripping their loyal customers of a couple freebies, which is rather petty.

Swear off Starbucks until THEY remain loyal to their customers and prove that your business matters to them.

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