The perfidy was complete

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The perfidy was complete

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Denis Bouliane a lancé cette pétition adressée à Mariano Rajoy (President of Spain) et à

The following quote is an excerpt from an article that can be found here

Please note that I, as well as the author of the above blog article, have not verified the authenticity of the story. We both took it at face value and we share similar motives, the fight against the abuse of the animals that we share this earth with. I am still attempting to confirm its veracity. Notwithstanding, the message and reality behind it are undeniable. These animals are being publicly tortured in a hideous blood drenched spectacle where their suffering is being mocked and their trust is being trampled and betrayed while they are crying out for help, desiring only to live in dignity and peace. Perhaps we have much to learn from them about ourselves.

"This morning a tragic and heartbreaking story appeared on my Facebook page. Perhaps you've seen it reported elsewhere? The picture, dubbed 'The Kiss of Judas' by the Spanish newspapers, almost tells the whole story. It shows the breeder of a bull, who had raised and cared for him. Once grown, the animal was sold for bullfighting. As he was in the ring being hideously tortured for the amusement of the sick and mindless spectators, he spied his beloved and trusted 'friend' in the crowd and hoping for help and relief, ran to him. The kiss was all he got. The perfidy was complete.

The betrayal of this bull is poignant because of what the photograph captures. It is the precise moment when a helpless creature reaches out to the only being that he believes can, or would want to help him."

Reading this, I was disgusted with the man, but even more with a society that condones this. Disgusted, and profoundly disturbed. How are YOU feeling reading this?

We need to get together and stop this nonsensical abuse and torture of innocent animals. I believe it is absolutely intolerable. Join me in sending a clear message to this country's president, Mariano Rajoy, and let's boycott it as a destination for travel. Let's hit them in the only place they have ears: their pocket book. It is more than time that this barbaric treatment of animals ceased.

40000 bulls are tortured every year in this way in Europe alone, and 250000 in the world, in 8 countries (Spain, France, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador). There are 42 bullfighting schools in Spain alone that teach children how to torture and kill Bulls.

If you wish to personally contact officials and express your opposition individually, here are a few email addresses that you might find useful:

Mariano Rajoy PM of Spain:

Juan Santana Hernández, Communications department, Spain ministry of Energy, industry and tourism:

Mr Carlos Gómez-Múgica Sanz, Ambassador, Spanish embassy in Ottawa:

Mr Pablo Ruiz-Jarabo Quemada, Consulate General, Toronto:

Please join me, and let's stop the insanity.

Pétition fermée

Cette pétition avait 41 221 signataires