The peoples vote of confidence to keep Boris Johnson as Prime minister.

The peoples vote of confidence to keep Boris Johnson as Prime minister.

14 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Selena dilley

Let’s make a change in history,

When we voted for the conservatives we didn’t just vote for the party, we voted for Boris Johnson to be our Prime Minister. Myself like many others may have voted for another party had that not been the case. 

Why do the minority now get to make the decisions and over turn the majority’s wishes? Why have the majority of us stopped speaking our minds on the things we think are best for us and our loved ones in fear of offending someone else.

If Jeremy Corbyn had have been a conservative leader then I wouldn’t have voted for them as a party and their will be others who made their decision based on that same logic. 

Other countries would be protesting in the streets over the decisions we’ve seen made in recent times and this country has protested for less, so why do we now feel like we can’t have our say?

If you want Boris Johnson to finish the job  that you voted for him to do, then we need to act now. If you want your Prime Minister to be the person you voted for and not just an MP in the party that THEY decide we should have then WE need to vote for him to stay.

We need to be heard and take back the power from the Members of parliament of whom we voted for in our constituencies to do their jobs, because whose to say they can do the job of a Prime minister, no less a better job than Boris Johnson.

When Boris goes, the Conservative party stays, so why isn’t the decision on whether he stays the people’s choice? The votes of confidence weren’t made by the people and Boris is not the only one making the decisions so why do the rest of them all get to stay?

We’ve seen Brexit happen which the majority voted for, we’ve been through a pandemic and we have all been vaccinated quicker than any other country in the world.

Our economy is doing much better than the media leads us to believe and the people of this country aren’t weak. 

Changes take time but we’ve seen them happening.. 

If you want your Prime Minister to be Boris Johnson, then let’s get signing.

We voted for him, not just the party and everyone in his party has backstabbed him along with the opposition to get his job. Lets teach them all a lesson and let it be our decision when he goes, not theirs.

We need to do this, It’s time the people of this country decided who WE want as Prime minister not the MINORITY but the MAJORITY of us.

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Signatures: 256Next Goal: 500
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