Help Save the Ormond Beach Loop

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The loop is a beautiful stretch of road that has a canopy of trees hanging over it, with parks and trails connected, Bikers, runners and drivers alike love this 15+ mile toll-free trail that has some of the most unique nature in all of Volusia County. However, there is a development with over 1500 new homes 175 feet away from the Loop.

Volusia County takes in many new citizens every month and housing has to be built for these newcomers, but not in exchange for destroying one of the most beautiful scenic spots in our county. There are many ways to save a portion of this land for the Loop, despite the agreement that was passed in 2002 allowing the development to occur. We have to work together to protect every bit of forestry and nature that is left and stand up for the wildlife that lives there!

Please sign and spread awareness so we can talk to the city and urge them to consider paths of conservation. As well as keeping up with the conversation about the loop, please email the Mayor and Ormond Beach Commissioners and ask them to pursue grant money for the purchase of 76 lots that are parallel to the 175-foot buffer. This petition can be used to convince the city and the county to protect The Loop and explore conservation options that will allow The Loop to be protected for generations. 

Please continue to check in every week, as I will be posting updates regularly. These updates can be found below the petition and read in full by expanding.