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The People of the World: Keep endangered Bengal Tigers Alive.

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Bengal tigers are becoming extinct very quickly and need to be saved. Over the last 100 years there were hundreds of thousands of Bengal tigers in the world, now there are less than 2,500. People use tigers as trophies for hunting and their body parts are sold on the black market for traditional Chinese medicines. India is the tiger's natural home/habitat. The only way tigers have to protect themselves is to aggressively scent-mark large territories to keep predators out. The tiger population has been reduced due to hunters and destruction of their natural habitat. Most tigers are harmless to humans, however, some may become serious man-eaters if their territories are encroached upon and they are left no other choice to survive. Please sign this petition to show the world that you care about preserving the tiger population and saving them from extinction. Tigers deserve a right to live in peace just as humankind does.

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