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Commit to Buying Local Products and Reducing Energy Use to Combat Climate Change

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We are Fourth Class in St. Audoen's National School in Dublin, Ireland. We are committed to helping reduce the effects of Climate Change and we believe that every little counts. 


Climate Change will affect everyone in the world. It is not just about the weather getting hotter, it's about the weather getting harsher. That means that that there will be more floods and more droughts, which will in turn create destruction and famines globally. More people will die and many more will suffer.


Climate Change is caused by CO2 emissions that are fed into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels, like oil, gas and coal. Every time we use any type of energy we burn these fuels and it causes CO2 emissions.


By signing our petition you are committing to three small steps that we believe will help reduce CO2 emissions and help save our beautiful world.

1: Shop locally and buy at least ONE extra product from your country every week. By buying local products it reduces the amount of travel that your food has to take and reduces the amount of CO2 emissions.

2: Turn off the lights in rooms that you're not in and plug out your television at night. Leaving your electrical items plugged in and on standby uses 30% electricity!!! By doing this you'll help save the world and save money too :)

3: Recycle just a little bit more than you do. We need trees to take in CO2 and turn it into oxygen. By cutting them down we are killing our planet. The more we recycle, the less trees we need to cut down. 

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