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To change the Minnesota state flag

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The state of Minnesota is unparalleled in every aspect but one. Minnesota’s distinctive culture, varied landscapes, and diversity of people all make it stand out among the midwest. But our flag falls flat. Its unoriginality and laziness are shameful. In 2001, ours was named one of the ten worst state flag designs in a poll conducted by the North American Vexillological Association. We need a flag that lives up to the grandeur of our state, a flag that the people of Minnesota can be proud of.

Therefore, we are proposing to the Minnesota governor, Mark Dayton, and members of our state legislature, a public referendum for the redesign of our state flag. In this referendum, any citizen of Minnesota would be able to submit a flag design of their creation, have it undergo approval by an appointed committee, and be potentially listed as an official design candidate in the referendum. Public voting would then take place and the design that garners the most votes would then become the design of our state flag.

To get an idea of the creativity already in this area, a list of a small number of the alternate flags that Minnesotans and members of the Reddit community have designed can be seen here.

This petition was reported on by City Pages (here) but has since been edited.

Petition by: J. R. D. Eddy, J. P. Eddy, and B. G. Lee.

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