To vote to stay in the United Kingdom family

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This petition is addressed to the people of Scotland from your friends elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

We accept absolutely the right of the people of Scotland to decide whether or not they should vote for independence. But we want you to stay, as a vital part of the United Kingdom.

We offer no comment on the economic or political case for independence. That is for the voters of Scotland to decide on.

 Rather, our case is an emotional one. The peoples of the various parts of the UK have moved, mixed and inter-married since before recorded history. The Crowns have been united for more than 400 years. And we have all been together in the Union for over 300 years.  We are family.

 So, for Scotland now to leave the UK would be as if a brother or sister told us that they didn’t love us anymore. It would hurt.

 The pain could be most extreme for more than 800,000 people born in Scotland, but now living elsewhere in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Where would they feel that they belonged? What nationality should they choose? And what about their children and grandchildren?

 Like all families, there have been inevitable tensions over the years between the different parts of the UK. Some people south of the border envy the level of public expenditure in Scotland.  Many Scots rightly resent the arrogance and ignorance which some people in England display towards Scotland and its people.

 But, like the best families, we achieve more together than we do apart. Since the early days of the Union, we have together created one of the finest societies which the world has ever seen. The values of the Union and its people have been, and continue to be, a major influence for good across the globe.

And, united, we have still more to achieve and to give - to all our people and to the world.

 So to the voters of Scotland, our message is a simple, but deeply sincere, one:  we want you to stay.


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