Save The Animals! The "Put Your Hand In" Petition.

Save The Animals! The "Put Your Hand In" Petition.

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Justice Rose started this petition to United States Congress

Sign this petition because it's going all the way to US Congress!!! 

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For the longest time animals were free. They could adventure out and explore their habitats. They could live happily with their families with no worries whatsoever. Now, so many animals are afraid to even leave their homes or their comforting areas. I want to change that and I hope you do too.  There are 16,306 total endangered animals in the entire world and it's going to keep going up until more and more people start fully putting their energy into saving these poor, precious animals that help make this world a better place.

"I want the animals of our world to be just as happy as humans are because humans can do anything that they choose and because of that they also think that they can control the lives of so many animals when all the animals want is to be free once more, back to the lives that they used to have as happy animals.” ~JB, age 11.

I want to stand up and "put my hand in" to help all of these lost animals who aren't just these "things" of our world, they're beautiful creatures of this world who have made a huge impact and difference to this world but because of how people are treating these animals and their habitats, it is getting harder and harder for all of these animals to continue making these huge changes that this world so desperately needs. Now take a risk and join me in this wonderful journey of helping these desperate animals and "put your hand in" so we can all work together and create a better and happier life for these animals. 

These are the words of people who care about helping these animals and making a difference in the ways of this world. Listen to these words, and come up with words of your own, start your own petition for endangered animals, tell your friends, and we can start making this world a truly better place for so many animals.

"I think it is beyond disheartening; the devastation to all of these animals, the loss of any species, and the negative impact it has on the other animals and the planet." ~DB.

"I want to help the Bengel Tiger because it is almost extinct. I love animals and I want them all to stay here on this earth forever or for as long as they possibly can be. This tiger is in danger! People have been trying to make this Tiger leave Earth along with so many other animals." ~ Addi.D

"I truly believe that industries and their pollution should be changed drastically, the number of forests humans are destroying should be further restricted, how garbage is handled needs a complete revision, and recycling should most definitely be taken more seriously. More money needs to go towards these answers." ~DB.

"I want to help the South African Rhino because it is endangered. I think that rhinos are wonderful and should stay here with us, but people are putting them in danger because of their horns. Not all but lots of people are trying to save this animal so please help us save them by everyone working together as one huge team." ~Addi.D

We as people need to stand up for the animals of this world and use ourselves as their voices. These animals are in danger and we need more people to help us save these endangered animals. People like the US Congress. these people can make tearing down animals' habitats, like when people tear down huge forests that animals live in, and make it a law to not do that. People need to take into account that they are destroying these animals' lives! I need people to sign this petition to go against Congress and to let them know that we are going to fight for these poor animals' lives. Join me now by signing this petition and we will let Congress know that we're coming and that we're ready to fight whenever they are.

International Animal Rescue. That is the name of a one-of-a-kind worldwide animal rescue team that travels the world to save animals. International Animal Rescue has helped so many animals over the years but they still need your help. Donate to this *NEW* GoFundMe page now to help me raise money for this amazing animal rescue team. International Animal Rescue needs you and so do all of the endangered animals so please, donate now.

Read more about International Animal Rescue here and you can be a part of our world change.

Let's stand up to US Congress and show them that our animals matter! Join me in this one-of-a-kind journey to the end of animal cruelty now by signing this petition, sharing, and emailing your states Senator about ENDING animal cruelty once and for all.

The animals of this world seriously need our help! Helping all of these animals won't just make the animals happy, it will make me and so many other people happy, and it will make living in this world so much better. Think about all of the Red Pandas, Polar Bears, Bengal Tigers, and so many more animals that need our help! 

Do you want to join me in fighting for our animals and their rights as creatures of this world? I hope you do because that's what I'm here to do and that's what I'm going to do. Now, join me on this mission of a better livelihood, a better life, and better-treated animals. Let's all "put our hands in" and start making these animals happy and fully welcome into this world once more, but this time, forever. 

My name is JJ. B and this is the start to a wonderful new year.

Save Our Animals! The "Put Your Hand In" Petition. 

Thank you to everyone who helped me make this petition possible.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!