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Deny the right to collect child support, if access is denied to see the child

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Thousands of kiwi men and women wish to be parent's and apart of their children's life's but they are denied the rights by the mother or father of their child or children,  I think it's about time we stand up for human rights!! It's only fair that if a father (or mother) wants to be apart of their child's life and the mother or father won't allow the parent access, Then that person should be denied any right from collecting any welfare or child support from the person,  I myself work full-time I don't go out drinking or do drugs I live a clean healthy life im great with children yet I am a father denied of any right to see my child, The mother works full-time and still lives at home with her parents that own their house free hold,  They clearly don't need my money, They clearly don't want my support , They don't want me in my child's life, The mother uses my monthly installments as money to buy items not related to my child's care, Yet my hard earned wages are claimed whilst I struggle to get by and live.  Please stand by me and agree , Put it out there,  No Access!  NO MONEY!  it's that simple

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