Confronting, opposing and exposing injustice and corruption within New Zealand

Confronting, opposing and exposing injustice and corruption within New Zealand

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 It is common knowledge around the globe that politicians, judges, lawyers and even officers of the law are all offered varying degrees of protection against criminal prosecution. This is no great conspiracy theory, this is a fact. History has proven that it has always been a case of the more prestigious the title or position you have, the less likely it is that you will ever be punished for any offence that you may choose to commit. But what is not so common knowledge is how these same individuals in positions of power and influence also exploit legal loop-holes for profit, personal gain and in some instances, they will even use their position to convict any innocent citizen who attempts to stand in their way. This actually occurs with alarming frequency in this country, yet it always seems to be overlooked or completely ignored for three basic reasons.

 The first reason is because most people are too afraid to speak out or stand up against injustice and corruption out of fear of Crown retribution. Unfortunately, these are not unfounded fears. The New Zealand Crown has proven on countless occasions that it will retaliate against anyone who they consider to be acting against the best interests of the nations wealthy minority. It has always been that way and simply calling it a democracy doesn't instantly make it fair for us all. It has always been money before morals and profit before people, because a nations success is only measured in terms of wealth, not equality. A quick search of complaints involving corruption and injustice is very disturbing. Look up the IPCA statistics and the complaints against the Police, Courts and Government. There are literally thousands of pages of official information available online.

 The second reason is because the New Zealand Government will not listen to anything short of a mass public outcry before making any attempt to uphold the will of the people that they are elected to represent and serve. This is a completely undemocratic process. The TPPA, Flag Debate and 1080 are all prime examples, just to name an obvious few. Even referendums, polls and petitions are ignored. Make no mistake, the New Zealand government does not represent all people equally and they certainly do not act in the best interests of the majority of the population.

 The third and most obvious reason, is that anything to do with exposing Crown corruption must be heard in a Crown court, with Crown appointed judge, a Crown appointed defence and/or Crown prosecution, or both; depending if you are self represented or not, and of course it's all governed by Crown law. The outcome of any such trial is then decided by twelve strangers who have no formal legal experience and they must not have any prior knowledge of the case or of the individuals involved. This is the equivalent of presenting twelve random strangers with a quick guided tour of a controlled launch site, armed with nothing more than a pocket brochure outlining the concept of the space shuttle and giving them a quick demonstration of its abilities, before asking them all to collectively decide if they believe the safety features they were shown adhere to strict international standards, because they're about to launch an unwilling astronaut into outer space. Confused? I'm not surprised. New Zealand Crown law makes no sense at all.

 This is all because, according to the Bill of Rights Act 1990, Section 25(a) we all have the right to a fair and public hearing by an unbiased and independent court and this antiquated, obsolete and expensive justice system is all they have to offer. But does this actually sound fair, unbiased or independent to you? If you think are protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or even the Bill of Rights Act 1990, then you need to think again. The New Zealand Crowns carefully constructed and contradictory legislation is actually designed to absolve any Crown employee from taking any accountability or responsibility through the sheer misdirection of culpability alone. It will always be someone elses portfolio or responsibility. In fact, the most common response used by Crown employees, is that it is actually the law itself that is preventing them from intervening or opposing any injustice or criminal act currently before the court, regardless of the evidence available, or even what is morally correct, or even the law itself; which also includes the Bill of Rights Act 1990 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

 It may sound insane, but unfortunately that is the sad truth about our justice system and government. Politicians have a long standing agreement not to intervene in legal proceedings, regardless of any violation of the law, any human rights violations or even blatant corruption. I have received dozens of replies stating this, including replies from Andrew Little, Jacinda Ardern, Winston Peters, Bill English, John Key and other members of Parliament after I had filed multiple complaints of injustice and other crimes committed by various members of the NZ Crown over the past 4 years. No action was taken in regards to even investigating any of my complaints. That is the equivalent of being told 'I know that it is illegal, but what can you do? Try asking Karen. Its not really in my job description'.

The further society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it – George Orwell
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 Admittedly, that would be understandable to some degree as an acceptable response from a member of the general public, but these people are paid handsomely to uphold the law and act in the best interest of us all, with tax payer funding. These people are lawyers, judges, police and politicians. It is their duty to uphold the law and to act lawfully at all times. Ironically, both the Bill of Rights Act 1990 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are laws specifically designed to ensure this situation never occurs. Yet somehow, it has. The New Zealand government have quite literally rendered our human rights invalid through nothing more than employing a strategy of total deniable accountability of responsibility. If that isn't bad enough, I was recently told something very similar by a presiding High Court Judge in the court of law itself. According to my understanding of the comments that Judge Philip Crayton of the Wanganui District High Court made to me personally, it is the law itself that is actually preventing him from upholding justice, and I believe him. I have no reason to doubt him. His hands are quite literally tied by this faulty, ineffective and contradictory justice system.

 According to my understanding of the statements that Judge Crayton made in the court of law, he must now uphold and enforce a gross miscarriage of justice, simply because the law itself does not allow him to make an independent and informed decision that would be in the best interest of justice itself. Basically, he told me his hands are tied and he is quite correct. It is not within a judges power of authority to endorse corruption or the criminal actions of any employee of the New Zealand Crown, but apparently they also have no power of authority to oppose it either!

 Fair and unbiased, right? These people are all voluntary civilian servants or elected representatives of the people. They all volunteered for each of their respective positions in much the same way as we all apply for work in our respective fields. Their income and position does not make these people superior to any one of us in anyway. They are nothing more than common civilians employed by the NZ Crown to perform a specific duty within the greater community. Even the common terminology of the word 'COP' is actually an acronym for Citizen On Patrol. Ever heard the term 'public servant?' That is a civilian that serves the Crown.

 Their job description or honorific title does not make them superior to any of us, but they actually believe their employment makes them more powerful. It is only the responsibilities associated with their position that offers them any power they weld, not the individual themselves. They are nothing more than ordinary civilian servants; that is a civilian that serves the Crown. So who actually is the Crown? Is it the majority who earn less than 100k per year? Or is it the minority who earn in excess of 100k per year? The truth is that the New Zealand Crown is literally comprised of only the highest income earners and their absent and foreign queen. The rest are all just civilian employees. So naturally the New Zealand Crown will always act in the best interests of those with the highest income and the biggest titles. These people are their peers. Not the common man with an average income. These people are called 'human resources'. This clearly shows their collective mindset, as they also refer to coal, gas and wood as 'resources'.

 This is not speculation, this is a fact. For example; over the course of the past three and a half years, the New Zealand Crown has spent an astonishing amount of taxpayers dollars and countless resources in a desperate effort to ensure that the former New Zealand Official Defence Force Artist; Captain Matthew William Gauldies highly profitable name is kept publicly clean, regardless of any of his illegal activities. I have the evidence to prove this as fact. I have been falsely accused and unfairly persecuted for almost four years now, before finally being convicted in May 2018 for multiple crimes that I did not commit. During this same period of time, Matthew William Gauldie committed perjury and he has made multiple false and intentionally misleading statements on a signed official police document. He has also withheld evidence from the NZ Police and Crown Prosecution, yet he has never been arrested or charged by the NZ Police for any of his crimes regardless of the evidence available. So the real question here is; why would they spend so much time, money and resources in ensuring Matthew Gauldie escapes justice with a clean record?

 One possible reason is the fact that Matthew Gauldie was commissioned by the former Governor General, Sir Jerry Mateparae. There are dozens of photos of these two men together available online. So there is a possibility that it is actually Sir Jerry Mateparae's name that the NZ Crown is actually protecting, not Matthew Gauldies. After all, he is one of the crown jewels in NZ Military history, and deservedly so. Sir Jerry Mateparae has earned all the respect and all of the associated honours bestowed upon him, so his name should not be tarnished by his professional association with Matthew Gauldie. Similarly, Matthew Gauldie should never be afforded protection simply because of his professional association with Sir Jerry Mateparae. In fact, their titles and position should have no bearing on justice at all, but it does. Money and reputations are extremely important to the NZ Crown. Then again, it could also be the close association Matthew Gauldie has with the RSA. Over the past 3 and half years alone, the RSA have been desperate to ensure Matthew Gauldies highly profitable name escapes justice unscathed. But the real question still remains as to why? Setting reputations aside, it could also just as easily be the millions of of tax payer funding that has been invested in promoting Matthew Gauldie over the course of his seemingly illustrious career.

 When you start to wonder if you can trust someone, that is the moment when you already know that you don't – Anonymous
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 His art has been highly profitable for the RSA and the NZ Crown, so maybe it is just by having made so many prominent national monuments on public display is enough to absolve Matthew Gauldie from any indiscretion that he has knowingly committed, regardless of the offence or even the law itself? All speculation aside, the truth is actually something far more shocking. The truth is that this case involves the 100 year anniversary of the ANZAC's, the RNZRSA, the Official NZDF Artist Captain Matthew William Gauldie, Australia and my original proposal that I submitted to the RNZRSA twice in 2007. My original proposal was intended to create two separate commemorative statues. One as a New Zealand soldier, and the other an Australian soldier, both standing at attention, saluting. Upon completion, the NZ soldier was intended to be placed at the closest practical coastline facing Australia. The second soldier was intended to be donated to Australia on behalf of all New Zealanders, with the simple request that they do the same.

 Legend has it, that the military salute is symbolic of whenever two allied knights would meet, they both would raise their visor. This was literally to show ‘this is who I am.’ It was considered to be a display of trust, honour, friendship and respect. The farewell salute is symbolic of the closing of the knights visor, and it is used to show one’s readiness for combat. My original proposal was first created in 2005 and was later presented and accepted by the RNZRSA in 2007, but the project never came to fruition.

 In 2012, I sent Matthew Gauldie a copy of my updated proposal after Ross Wilson, a local bronze caster, informed me that he had mentioned my proposal to Matthew Gauldie and that he had expressed a very keen interest in the idea. Matthew Gauldie later informed me that the RSA had accepted the proposal and that I would personally be able to assist with bringing the project to life. After more than 10 years of trying to achieve this, I was more than happy with this result. Then in November 2014, after re-reading my proposal, my friend Nikki Pratt found an article in the RSA Annual Report claiming that the project had been '...conceived by Captain Matt Gauldie...'. She then wrote to the RSA National President, Barry Clark asking the RSA to address the misprint. However, instead of contacting either Nikki or I, the RSA decided the best course of action was to forward her email onto Matthew Gauldie in it's entirety; including her full name and contact details. Matthew Gauldie then repeatedly rang Ross Wilson in a panic, before I eventually spoke with him on the phone later that night. He was irrational, accusational and blamed Nikki for putting the entire project in jeopardy. He also claimed that she was calling him a liar and a thief, of which she had made no such implication in her email to the RSA. This is how the dispute between myself, Matt Gauldie and the RSA started.

 To understand the sheer size and scale of the ANZAC 'Salute' project, at my trial on the 14th May 2018, and in the Wanganui District High Court, former RSA CEO David Moger stated under oath '...this would have been the largest project that the RSA had ever done...'. Nothing can sum up their motives and reasons as to why my best friend and I were targeted for destruction better than that one single statement. These statues were supposed to encompass the ANZAC spirit in its entirety and to pay tribute to the men and women who served on all sides, with no exception. They were meant to capture the honour, courage, loyalty and above all else the selflessness of their actions. It was meant to honour the legacy, bravery and sacrifice of an army that was largely comprised of builders, butchers, farmers and schoolboys; all of whom had answered the call to arms. These men and women took our name to the world and showed friend and foe alike the true strength of our nation and the pride of the people it represents. All I have ever wanted to do with these statues was to remind our nation that the blood of these men was not lost on foreign soil, but instead it flows through our veins and beats in all our hearts to this very day.

These statues were also suppose to be a silent, unspoken tribute to my own great-grandfather, (Toby) William Rakeipoho Bennett, who at 14 ran away from home and enlisted with the New Zealand Armed Forces. But that day has long since passed and I have spent the past four ANZAC days on bail, after being arrested on the 22 April 2015, accused of crimes that I did not commit. My first arrest was just three days short of the 100 year ANZAC day anniversary of which I had spent 1/3 of my life trying to honour. My friend Nikki and I haven't attended a dawn service since and I doubt we ever will again. It is also a fact, that I have only ever asked the RSA to apologize for forwarding on her email and personal details onto someone other than whom it was intended. Now, almost 4 years later, I have been convicted of multiple counts of blackmail and my best friend is on heart medication due to the stress involved, all because I had asked the RSA to apologize for what they have done. According to Wanganui lawyer Roger Crowley, the RSA will never apologize, because an apology can be considered as an admission of guilt.

I am now scheduled to be sentenced in the Wanganui District Court on the 10th of October, 2018 for multiple crimes that I did not commit. To date, the Crown Prosecution STILL cannot provide a location of any alleged crime or any device linking me to any alleged crime. They have provided no validation of authenticity to any of the evidence presented at trial. They have also failed to provide any clear motive for any alleged blackmail. How do I prove I was not at the 'scene of the crime' if they do not know where any crime is said to have occurred? How do I prove that I did not use the device in question if they do not even know what type of device was used? How do I prove that I did not commit these crimes if they cannot even prove that any crime has actually been committed?

Sometimes you don't need to hear their excuses, not when their actions already speak the truth – Unknown
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I have multiple witnesses who can place me at a specific time and place on each occasion that any alleged crime is said to have occurred, proving that I am not responsible for any of the crimes that I have been found guilty of. To date, not one individual who could speak in my defence has ever been questioned by the NZ Police to verify my whereabouts at the time each alleged crime is said to have occurred, simply because the NZ Police do not know where any crime is said to have occurred. Innocent until proven guilty? Not here in New Zealand. Here, you are accused and then presumed guilty, and then treated as such, because the truth has no place in any NZ Crown Court when it involves one of their own. As a prime example of the NZ Crown blatantly misleading justice, at my trial on the 14th May, 2018, in the Wanganui District Court, Crown Prosecutor Michele Wilkinson-Smith stated to Matthew Gauldie 'Now if you look at the body of the email, underlined it says, 'I did not write it and I pretended you came up with a great concept...'' which would be fine, except the email that Michele Wilkinson-Smith was reading from in her hand actually reads; 'I did not write it and I am content that you came up with a great concept'. The word 'pretended' does not appear anywhere in this email in any context. This is not a slip of the tongue, but an intentional misquotation of the facts, as she was implying that I had modified the contents of an email that Matthew Gauldie had sent me in 2014.

 Michele Wilkinson-Smith did not even bother to provide an original copy of the email for comparison, so there was no way of disputing her claim. And what evidence did the prosecution provide at trial? A 20 year old computer that I did not use, that has no internet capabilities, and was taken from an address where I do not live. A cell phone that does not belong to me and was not used to send any emails to anyone and an old laptop that has no hard-drive and a damaged power supply. There is no physical evidence, no complaint from any of the alleged 'victims', no warrant, no location of any crime and no proof of authenticity to the evidence presented at trial. Witness statements do not align with the evidence or testimonies made under oath, and the prosecution clearly mislead the jury, and still nothing can be done about this injustice because the presiding Judge has his hands firmly tied by a faulty and ineffective justice system, literally meaning that he now has no choice, but to punish me for their crimes.

 To compound the situation further, in her closing statement Michelle Wilkinson-Smith adamantly and repeatedly stated to the same ill informed jury, over and over, 'this is about money, it is about money, this is all about money.' This clearly shows Michele Wilkinson-Smith had an obvious intention to mislead the jury into returning a guilty verdict. Even the alleged 'victim' Matthew William Gauldie himself, when asked directly in the court of law, clearly stated under oath; 'Oddly, I don't think he asked for any money at this point'. The 'point' Matthew Gauldie is referring to is the alleged blackmail letter itself and this was also the last alleged point of contact between us. 'There is also no record of my ever asking any individual involved for any form of monetary compensation at all. Evidence originally submitted to the court by the NZ Police clearly shows my intentions to be the exact opposite of what Michele Wilkinson-Smith had claimed as a fact, as I was fully prepared to gift all rights and claims to the statue project to the RSA without contention. I even met with Ted Morris, the Wanganui RSA regional president at the time and offered to sign any documentation waiving any and all claims on the Anzac statues in their entirety. I had also made it very clear to the RSA that I wanted no further contact with Matthew William Gauldie at all. Anything else in regards to this case is based entirely upon either false or circumstantial assumptions made by a clearly prejudiced judicial system that is completely out of control. I say this, not only because it is the truth, but because the NZ Crown is completely psychotic when it comes to protecting wealth and title. They will literally do what ever it takes to win at all costs.

 They have the money, the Courts, the Police, the Law, Lawyers and Judges on their side and you only have your word, and they really don't want to hear it. What I have learned from this extremely negative experience is that if you are ever accused by any member of the NZ Crown and you do not have a title or a public reputation to protect you, then you better have a lot of money, and I am talking a lot of money. That was my biggest mistake. Justice in this country does not come cheap and I did not have enough disposable income to buy any justice from the NZ Crown. Believe me, if you are ever unfortunate enough to find yourself in a similar position, do not expect to receive justice or to be treated fairly. The NZ Crown will simply alter the facts as often as required to match their own version of events that they are trying to portray as an indisputable truth. If you try to oppose their injustice, they will target your freedom and try to break you emotionally, financially and mentally. And they won't stop there.

 They are relentless and completely unsympathetic to your emotional, financial and mental suffering. They want to break you, because then you will accept their judgment without contention. And for something like this to happen to you, all it would take is for someone to accuse you. The Police and Crown Prosecution do not even need to have any evidence to support their allegations, they will just alter the facts to suit their needs. Even an indisputable truth, with witnesses and supporting evidence to validate your claims will not save you from their accusations. The prosecution will simply call in 'specialists' to offer a very broad and intentionally misleading testimony that you cannot contest because they are considered as 'the experts' and 'specialists in their field' regardless of any evidence available to the contrary.

Examine what is said, not who speaks – Anonymous
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 And if the alleged victims have an honorific title, then the truth is simply modified to become whatever they decide the truth should be, and the best you can hope for is to conduct your defence from a holding cell. That is exactly what they did to me. If I wasn't in the courtroom at trial, I was detained in a holding cell. If that wasn't bad enough, I had to defend myself against a high profile lawyer with more than 25+ years experience. That hardly seems fair and my treatment to date has been far from unbiased. That is because the truth and justice have no place within the New Zealand Justice system. I have been personally told this by several different Wanganui lawyers involved. This has also been further proven to be true by their own unlawful conduct that somehow is always justified as being 'legal' due to some technicality or inability of the Wanganui Justice system to actually uphold the law.

Since 2015, and involving just this one case, there have been 6 different Judges involved; Judge David Cameron, Judge Matheson, Judge Unwin, Judge Large, Judge Crayton and one other non-presiding judge, who just happens to be another alleged 'victim' in this case; Judge Lance Rowe. The case itself has changed from the Police Department to Police Prosecution, to Crown Prosecution, to Queen v Berrett, to Regina v Berrett before inexplicably reverting back to the Queen v Berrett.

 There have been 6 defence lawyers involved; Jamie Waugh, Steven Ross, Roger Crowley, Richard Leith, Steve Winters and Debbie Goodlet. There have been 7 different prosecution lawyers involved including; Lance Rowe, Harry Mallilieu and Michelle Wilkinson-Smith and at least 4 others whose names were never disclosed. I have had more than 30+ scheduled court appearances and it had taken more than 1,100 days to reach trial. Countless more serious cases have been dismissed during this time after just 800 days due to delays involved. Some of these cases involved sexual assault, death by a motor vehicle and physical assault. My case was not dismissed because the alleged victims are high profile members of the NZ Crown and I am considered as 'unemployed'. This case has changed hands so many times and I still don't even know who my accusers actually are. All I know is that I was arrested by Detective Chay McArthur without any investigation, evidence, a warrant or even a complaint.

 Detective Chay McArthur was then removed from the case shortly after I filed a complaint against him in regards to his own unlawful conduct. According to Detective Constable Paul Burn, Detective Chay McArthur was later dismissed from the NZ Police for undisclosed reasons. This case should have been dismissed then, but instead, the then Crown solicitor Lance Rowe simply added further charges with a conditional offer of a suspended sentence if I were to plead to guilty to the lesser charge he only just added. These 'new' charges also related to a much earlier incident for which I had already been cleared of any involvement in by former Detective Chay McArthur himself. These 'new' charges were also added 3 days before the NZ Police had taken any official statements from any of the alleged victims involved, and this was only done a full 3 months after my arrest. The statements made in Matthew Gauldies official signed police statement also contained 21 intentionally false and/or misleading statements out of the 31 statements made; most of which he later contradicted in his own testimony made under oath.

 This includes making the following signed statement; *'However my email account was hacked earlier this year with emails being sent by the hacker seeking money'. This supposedly occurred around the same time he is claiming to be blackmailed by me. But when questioned about this statement under oath, Matthew Gauldie replied *'I was worried it had been hacked...' and '...there was some missing sort of missing emails and things, yeah I think and something seemed a bit awry, yeah'. (*quoted from official recorded court transcript and statements). To compound this situation further, a few months before Matthew Gauldie had signed his official statement, I had informed the NZ Police that I had received two emails from someone claiming to be Matthew Gauldie asking me for money and these two emails were not sent from his email account. This was also around the same time that the NZ Police claim that I was attempting to blackmail him. Once again, his highly profitable name protected him from facing any criminal charges. I am not so fortunate. The humble title of 'Mr' offers no protection at all. The NZ Police were not interested in investigating either of the emails I had received. I was informed that they could not intervene as it was a 'civil matter'. But that is not the only injustice I have suffered at the hands of this vindictive police force and corrupt judicial system.

 On one occasion, Detective Craig Gorringe arrested me at my home address for an alleged breach of bail. When I informed him that my previous lawyer, Richard Leith had already been informed of my change in address, Detective Craig Gorringe simply changed the charge to threatening Crown Solicitor Lance Rowe instead, by claiming that an email sent to Lance Rowe contained a 'hypothetical' threat. There are multiple other false claims in Craig Gorringes summary of facts, including claiming that I had previously been arrested for making threats against the RSA. I have NEVER been arrested for making threats against the RSA. He also claims that I made multiple statements that I categorically deny ever making. He does not state to whom, where or when I had allegedly made any of these statements, yet in this same summary of facts, he also states 'the defendant declined to comment', which in itself is a direct contradiction to all the previous statements he had previously made in the exact same document.

 Authority, when first detecting chaos at its heels, will entertain the vilest schemes to save its orderly facade. - V
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 But because the truth did not align with the version of events the NZ Police were trying to portray as fact, the Crown prosecution simply changed the charge again, this time it was to 'attempting to defeat the course of justice instead'. Nothing was done to correct the false information submitted to the court by Detective Craig Gorringe. Instead, I was banned from entering the city of Wanganui for 3 weeks. I had no legal counsel at the time and I was not allowed to enter a plea or submit any evidence in my defence. At that particular hearing, the Police prosecution could not produce any evidence of any alleged threatening email to support their allegations when asked directly in the court of law by the presiding Judge David Cameron himself. But that made no difference at all. This false information was still submitted and accepted and was later amended to appear even more damning than when it first appeared.

 After yet another arrest, several months later, Officer Martin Downes claimed in his opposition to bails form 'the bases for that charge relates to his sending of a threat of doing actual physical violence to a then Crown Solicitor.' and 'As previously outlined, the defendant made threats of physical violence to the then Crown Solicitor Mr Lance ROWE (now Judge ROWE)'. There is NO record of my ever threatening to cause violence or physical harm to Lance Rowe or any other individual. Not on any given occasion; hypothetically or otherwise. But the truth makes no difference when you are accused by the NZ Police, simply because they swore an oath to uphold the law.

 Of course, that does not mean that they do or that they will. Their word is no more or less valid than that of a convicted criminal or any other individual. The NZ Police even refused to uphold my complaint of assault after my friend and I were attacked in our own home by a registered and previously convicted sex offender. This is regardless of the photographic evidence of the bruises he had left on both of her arms that was shown to a Senior Sergeant Peter Wood of the Marton Police; the item of clothing left at the scene that I personally handed into Constable Matt Davis when I made my complaint, or even the text messages we later received from our attacker, Thomas Huia Porter, himself. None of that made any difference at all. The NZ Police will not protect you and they will not uphold the law if you have ever dared to file a complaint against one of their officers.

 Unfortunately for me, I have filed multiple complaint against the officers involved, including officers Matt Davis and Peter Wood, himself. On two separate occasions, I had to dial 111 to ask the NZ Police to intervene against several members of the Marton Police after being subjected to their constant, prolonged and sustained harassment. So the NZ Police had no intention of treating me fairly, much less offering me any assistance or protection at all. I was even sent to prison for 6 days after Officer Martin Downes submitted his almost entirely fabricated opposition to bails form that contained completely falsified information to the courts, including making personally offensive and degrading remarks about both Nikki and I. Neither of us had even met or spoken to Martin Downes before.

 As a result, I spent the entire duration of my confinement in the High Risk Unit of Kaitoki Prison on a hunger strike in protest, whilst my best friend Nikki also voluntarily joined my hungers strike until I was released. Martin Downes also claimed in his opposition to bails form that I had coerced her and that I was a threat to myself and the community. She is a 30 year old woman who is fully capable of making her own independent decisions. She also wrote to the presiding Judge Crayton directly to inform him of the blatant lies contained within this opposition to bails form whilst I was still detained in prison on a hunger strike. I had not coerced her into doing this and it made no difference. I lost a total of 6kg's during that week and she lost 5kg. Unsurprisingly, Thomas Huia Porter was still free in our local community the entire time. Apparently, assault and attempted rape are not actually considered a crime if the officers involved hold a personal grievance against you. So what was the alleged crime committed on this occasion?

 On two separate occasions, just two days apart and on both occasions involving the same two officers; I was arrested for contacting my own witness, the former Acting Area District Commander, Detective Senior Sergeant Neil Forlong. I had previously been in regular contact with Neil for at least six months prior to the arrests made by the same two officers that I had asked my witness to testify against; Officers Luke Shannon and Matt Davis of the Marton Police. Apparently, Neil was working back as a member of the Wanganui Police Station, so contacting him was now a breach of my bail conditions; not to email any member of the Wanganui Police. When I first met Neil, he told me he was a regional officer covering a large area of the central North Island. I have him stating this on an audio recording. No one informed me that he was working back in the Wanganui Police station. The email in question was a short, polite request to forward on a private email onto Peter Wood in Marton, as I did not have his email address. It did not warrant a public arrest at our local supermarket or any term of imprisonment in the High Risk Unit of Kaitoki Prison.

 I even have the former Acting Area District Commander Neil Forlong stating on an audio recording, that he knows he has sent innocent people to prison. He also failed to uphold my complaint against Officer Luke Shannon because our 'stories differed'. Ironically, that was what my complaint was about. When I informed him of the crimes committed against me by Detective Gorringe, his response was; 'I am not here to investigate that'. He was in full uniform and on duty at the time. No action was taken in regards to investigating my complaint.

Words are the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth, and the truth is there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there? - V
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 The year before, I was arrested by Officer Luke Shannon after Nikki and I had been out in a storm rescuing a newborn lamb in the small hours of the morning. During this arrest, I was made to remove my pants and sit in a cold holding cell in a damp t-shirt and my underwear, because my pants had a 'draw-string.' The tiny, newborn lamb was left alone, in my unlocked vehicle for the entire duration of the arrest. I then had to walk home carrying the new born lamb and my personal effects in the rain. In a separate incident, our registered and warranted car was impounded by Kevin Dalzell of the Marton Police and was later destroyed. Again, we were forced to carry our groceries and pet blind lamb home. On both occasions, I had been stopped less than a kilometer from my home.

 The combined maximum sentence for all the charges I am facing, in total came to a maximum sentence of up to 52 years in prison if convicted on all charges. I have been threatened with this grand total since 2016. The Crown Prosecution is still seeking a minimum of 2.5 years imprisonment at sentencing. I will never try to honour this country again and we will never forgive them for what they have done.

 That is just some of the underhanded tactics employed by the NZ Crown to 'bring me to heel'. I believe it is fair to say there has been a lot more left unsaid. This is after all, only a brief summary. The most important factor in this case is not what they have done, but why. This has all happened simply because money and titles are involved and we will not back down. It is because they don't want people to know the truth about them and what they have done and what they do to people on a daily basis.

 And the truth is that they will continue to do this; unless we, the people, collectively oppose injustice and corruption. Because to allow it to continue unopposed is to endorse it as being acceptable. Abstaining from any opposition to injustice is to endorse it as being acceptable through apathy, and apathy is nothing more than silent consent. Unless we all collectively oppose injustice and demand equal rights for us all, regardless of colour, gender, age, race, sexual preference or wealth and title, then stories like ours and far worse will always be told. That is why we can never back down, we cannot break and we cannot stop. We cannot allow the New Zealand Crown to deny our right to protest or to render our right to fair justice and equality as being invalid. Because that is the true meaning of the ANZAC Spirit; unbowed and unbroken against all odds; Forever and ever, endevour. That is OUR RIGHT as outlined in the Bill of Rights Act 1990 and it is our duty as citizens to protect and preserve all of our rights from any threat, both at home and abroad.

Our Rights ARE your Rights. Protect them.

 For all those who still care and want to protect our country in its entirety;
Including all of its inhabitants; Human, animal, insect or tree;
including all those that live on the land, in the air or in the sea.
We thank you all for your kindness, your courage and your decency.

Your greatest gift to the world is your empathy.


Quinton Murray Berrett,.
Natural Citizen and Co-Founder of the T.W.O. (nz)

These are just some of the Crown employees directly involved in just this ONE case spanning almost 4 years;
*please note, this is an incomplete list


Matthew William Gauldie, (former) NZDF Artist 1st Alleged Victim
Barry Clark, RSA National President 2nd Alleged Victim
David Moger, (former) RSA CEO 3rd Alleged Victim
Don McIver, (former) RSA National President 4th Alleged Victim
Judge Lance Rowe, (former) Crown Solicitor 5th Alleged victim

Judge Unwin, Visiting Judge Presiding Judge
Judge David, Cameron (Former) Wanganui High Court Judge Presiding Judge
Judge Large, Visiting Judge Presiding Judge
Judge Matheson, Wanganui High Court Judge Presiding Judge
Judge Crayton, Wanganui High Court Judge Presiding Judge/Trial

Harry Mallalieu, (Former) Acting Crown Solicitor Prosecution
Michele Wilkinson-Smith, Crown Prosecutor Prosecution

Jamie Waugh Wanganui, Lawyer 1st Legal Council
Stephen Ross Wanganui, Lawyer 1nd Legal Council
Roger Crowley Wanganui, Lawyer 3rd Legal Council
Richard Leith Wanganui, Lawyer 4th Legal Council
Steve Winters, Palmerston North Lawyer 5th Legal Council
Debbie Goodlet, Wanganui Lawyer Amicus Curae

Peter Wood, Marton Senior Sergeant Arresting Officer
Paul Burn, Detective Constable Case Officer
Chay McArthur, (former) Detective Arresting Officer
Craig Gorringe, Detective Arresting Officer

Gregory Hogan, Marton Police Arresting Officer
Paul Basket, Detective Senior Sergeant Senior Case officer
Martin Downes, Marton Police Falsified bails form
Kerry Baker, Digital Forensics Summary Report
Kevin Dalzell, Marton Police 2x Arresting Officer
Dr Lehany, Forensic Psychologist S.38 assessment
Luke Shannon, Marton Police 2x Arresting Officer
Matt Davis, Marton Police 2x Arresting Officer

Neil Forlong, (Former) Acting Area District Commander
Alan Wright ,(retired) Marton Police Investigation IPCA Complaint

Some of the organizations that have failed to assist and the reason for their failure.

Ministry of Justice; Andrew Little Prevented by law
Law society; Malcolm Ellis (ongoing)
Council for Civil Liberties; Kevin McCormack Not Interested
Transparency New Zealand; Generic Response Prevented by law
Ombudsman of the Courts Generic Response Prevented by law
Human Rights Commission; Paul Warhurst Prevented by law
Independent Police Complaints Authority; Case Resolution Team Prevented by law
Police Conduct Authority; Shannon Parker Prevented by law
Minister of Police; Labour & National Prevented by law
Police Commissioners office; Sally Duffy Not interested
Court of Appeal (ongoing appeals) Prevented by law
Supreme Court (ongoing appeals) Prevented by law
United Nations (NZ); Peter Nichols Not Interested
Law Commission; Cathie Doyland Not Interested
UK High Commission (NZ); Sir Jerry Mateparae Not Interested

50+ Parliamentarians including; Jacinda Ardern, Winston Peters, Bill English, John Key, David Parker, Andrew Little, Christopher Finlayson, Amy Adams and countless others; Not Interested & Prevented by law 


End of document.

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