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Bring an end to the practice of 'dancing bears.'

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The best way to understand what this petition is about is to know the story of one bear, Victoria.  Her trauma represents what thousands have gone through before her, and what countless more will face, if this practice does not end.

First, Victoria was poached from the forest as a young cub.   Then, when she was just a couple of weeks old, a hot rod was used to pierce her muzzle.  Causing unimaginable pain, a thick coarse rope was then passed through her nose.   At the end of the rope she was forced to 'dance' on her hind legs.  This is how she would have lived until she died, but she was lucky.  She was rescued!

Unfortunately, many bears are still suffering, and are being exploited simply as entertainment for humans.  It's beyond time for change.  

By signing this petition you are asking that this practice be brought to an end in Nepal, just as it was in India. Please take these 3 steps:

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Thank you in advance from the team at Wildlife SOS.  With your help, we have solved this problem in India, where it had existed for hundreds of years. Now it is time to help the dancing bears in Nepal.

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