The Late Late show to invite Ivor Cummins on to explain the Science, Logic & Data video.

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Ireland's National broadcaster is mainly funded by the Irish Taxpayer and has a duty to remain impartial when discussing Government Covid-19 decisions, especially when these decisions involve (Lockdown) resulting in the closing down of Businesses, and mandating how far people can travel, how many people can gather together, wearing face coverings when entering shops, closing church services, limiting how many people can attend funerals, weddings etc. These decisions have been made without consulting the Irish people or an open debate with experts who agree or disagree based on the science and data they present. Ivor Cummins is a Bio-Chemical Engineer and recently one of his Youtube videos " The Science, Logic and Data explained" went viral with over 1.5 m views so far. He has been  on in the UK a few times and was given the opportunity to explain his findings. Surely he should be given the opportunity to present his findings in his home country Ireland. This petition is to ask RTE to invite Ivor on to The Late Late show and let the Irish people hear what he has to say. Can also email RTE