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I Pledge To Leave My Daughter Her Equal Share Of Property #PropertyForHer

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I faced discrimination from my joint-family for being born a girl. Fortunately, my father was a progressive man who made sure that I was educated and supported.

Not all girls are as lucky as me. In India, lakhs of girls are ignored and abused. They are married off at a young age, they are not educated, and many of them are killed even before they’re born.

This is because girls are seen as a burden. Families don’t want to leave them property or ‘waste’ any money on supporting girls. Many think that giving their daughter a dowry is enough, but most often this dowry is controlled not by her but by her husband and his family. Further, this dowry is only a fraction of the value of an equal share of her family's property. Without a strong support system, without financial security, how are girls supposed to grow up to be fearless, strong, and independent women?

How can a woman walk away from an abusive relationship, how can a woman earn a livelihood, if she has no support from her parents or no financial security?

My husband and I have been blessed with a daughter, Mithi Anubhuti. She is the love of our life. We want our daughter to be supported so that she grows up to be strong and independent. That is why we have pledged to leave her our property.

We don’t have much property, but by giving her the little that we have, we will show Mithi that she always has our support.

By leaving her property, we know that we are supporting her future, as well as leaving behind a better tomorrow for her children and for society. When women have property, everyone benefits.

Thankfully, my husband and I are not alone in thinking this way. We know that you too would feel the same way about yourself, your sisters, and your daughters. That is why we’re asking you to sign our pledge.

If you are a mother or father, sign this pledge and promise to leave your daughter her equal share of property. If you are a brother, pledge to stand with your sister in seeking her property rights. If you are a woman, take this pledge with a commitment to asking for your equal share.

Show the world that India is changing and that there is a massive movement to make sure India’s daughters are supported and empowered.

-- Arti Pandey, Co-Founder and Secretary of Bitiya, Madhya Pradesh. Bitiya is an organization formed by parents with only one daughter, working against the social stigma faced by such parents and for the equal rights of all daughters.

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