Justice for Lebanon ✊��

Justice for Lebanon ✊��

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The survivors L started this petition to The People and

My father once asked his father: “Dad why are you fighting for this country?” His father replied “I am fighting for this country so one day you won’t.” My father’s generation dedicated their lives to this country, and now my generation is fighting for this country too. Three generations have passed, what changed? Nothing! It only got worse.

Lebanon is one of the oldest and most beautiful countries. Our land is rich with history and nature. Unfortunately it fell in the wrong hands for 3 generations. My grandparents’ generation, my parents’ generation and now my generation.
What is lebanon going through?
Well, where should I start ?
We are currently in an economic crisis which has been going on for more than 2 years. An average Lebanese used to work for 1000$ to 3000$ and more per month.
Now, an average Lebanese in 2021 works for 50$ to 200$ per month. Can you live of 50$ per month with your family?
people cannot afford things anymore such as:
women’s menstrual needs ,baby’s formula ,meat, medicines ,Benzine For cars to work ,fuel. we need fuel for winter and we cannot afford to buy fuel anymore can you imagine how many children will be sleeping in the freezing cold ?
Literally every village in Lebanon has a river, and guess what? The government struggles to provide us with water.
Have you seen Lebanon’s nature? It’s full with life, ancient history, gold , animals and rivers. Unfortunately we don’t have anyone to protect them. Mountains are being destroyed for resources, rivers are being polluted. Every now and then a forest gets on fire and our government cannot turn it off. There is this beautiful hiking site I grew in as a child but guess what ? It got destroyed and rebuilt as a new neighborhood for humans.

Covid 19.
Yes all countries suffered from covid 19. But our government is for the blame. Lebanon was free from covid, the government decided to welcome a plane that we Lebanese didn’t want , cause we all knew that there would be covid in that plane. Covid 19 got so bad to a point where there weren’t any places in hospital. We ran out of oxygen and medicines. we all know at least one family that lost someone form covid.

August 4th 2020
That day made me hate august for my whole life. That day changed every Lebanese. That day frightened us all. What happened that day?
Well it was a beautiful sunny day in Beirut also the first day lockdown stopped. There was a smoke coming from the port, meh it’s just a fire someone will put it out, Suddenly the capital shakes, meh it’s just an earthquake. And here it happened, the explosion that killed more then 200 humans from ages 2 till 90. The explosion that’s disabled people for life, the explosion that left 300,000 humans homeless. The explosion that ruined families for life. The explosion that traumatized every Lebanese in the world. I remember hearing the sound of the explosion. Knowing my grandmother was in Beirut that day made me lose it. My grandmother is still traumatized till this day, we cannot close a door without her jumping out of fear.
Many of you think the explosion was an accident. IT WAS NOT! Storing dangerous chemicals in an unprotected cargo for more than 6 years and not doing anything about it was not an accident. Do you really believe that one little spark of fire lead to the chemicals exploding? I don’t think so.

While signing this petition think about every mother who is struggling to buy baby formula.
think about every parent and sibling that had to bury their loved ones in an empty casket.
think about every Family that are struggling to provide for their families.

If you’re wondering how you can help lebanon other than signing this petition,
share what’s happening in Lebanon to all platforms. Let the world hear our voices .
donate if you can . Donate food , donate medicine , donate baby formula but DO NOT donate for our government.

Everything that I wrote in this petition is nothing, I left out so much. Words cannot describe the pain we have been through.
Thank you for your help ❤️✊��

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!