A Plea For Peace

A Plea For Peace

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Dylan Norman started this petition to The People

Peace Starts With The Individual

Peace is problem solved only by the individual. In light of current events we have witnessed social unrest, terrorism, and an unfamiliar hatred not felt by the People of The United States in over 100 years. We are on the brink of a second civil war because we are so quick to judge and hate one another. Misinformation and censorship has destroyed our ability to communicate without a higher directive. That does not mean that we cannot, as a People, peacefully fight back against the hate mongering from every direction.

Your Signature

This petition is not directed at an institution or organization, it is directed at you.

Your signature represents your willingness to put aside political, religious, and social beliefs in an effort to curve the current state of humanity within our country. It represents your commitment to spread love and kindness. We must relish in the fact that we, as a whole, are the most powerful force in our society. Your signature is an acknowledgment of your right to wield that power, but only for the good of those around you. The only way to avoid such a catastrophe as a civil war or domestic terrorism is through the peace and understanding of one another regardless of anything but ones character. 

How Do We Achieve Peace?

  • Taking responsibility for your actions and your judgement of others.
  • Understanding that we all want the same. Peace and Opportunity.
  • The ability to share ideas freely and be criticized by our peers without being censored or condemned. 
  • Do not let the Powers-At-Be dictate how you perceive your friends and family. Let the desire for peace and humanity dictate your perceptions and actions. 
  • Embrace the natural compassion and empathy we share for each other don't let outside forces take those qualities away. 
  • Don't wait or hesitate to help others. There is nothing wrong with help from more than one person. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and support our Plea For Peace. This is the first step in making a change that otherwise may seem impossible. I hope that you see it in your heart to make this commitment with us and share it in hopes that we can all adhere to a new peaceful social contact. The work of peace and humanity does not fall solely on our leaders.

Peace is our responsibility and it time that we take it on.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!