Let's work together to help these dogs get the care they need!

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The Pas, OCN and RM need to work together to get the proper care for the animals on the streets and in a larger facility that will properly care for the animals until adopted/claimed. This includes making sure pet owners spay, neuter and vaccinate their dogs. When dogs aren't vaccinated they are bound to carry more diseases, worms, etc. We want to make sure dogs have this kind of care by making a non-killing dog claiming center, having adoption fairs or something along the lines of that just to help these animals find good homes!

 NO more abuse and neglect! So many animals are found on the streets hurt in many different ways, wondering what did they do to deserve the pain they feel. Animals are left in the shelter so long that they end up being out down. 

Getting the animals off the streets and into proper care can be safe for the community too. Even just making sure that if they get lost, they go back to their rightful owner. Safer for the children, safer for drivers. We need more room in the shelter for dogs in The Pas and surrounding areas.

Signing this petition will help Bonnie Meadows get her message across with what this community needs to do for the safety of these animals! Animals have feelings too, let's not ignore them!