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We the People of Zimbabwe DO NOT Want Another Mugabe. Here Are Our Expectations

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Dear Mr President, Mr Speaker, Madam President of Senate and Leaders of Political Parties in Zimbabwe

We have seen an end to Robert Mugabe's grip on power. In our excitement, however, we will NOT neglect our responsibility to ensure that we will never find ourselves in the position we have been for the past few decades. We hereby clearly outline our expectations on whoever holds the office of the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe whether in an acting capacity or as substantive president.

1. That Zimbabwe will be governed by its laws which must be aligned to the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

2. That every Zimbabwean's freedom of expression and association will be fully respected regardless of who they speak against.

3. That Zimbabwe will hold regular and timely elections as set out in the constitution.

4. That these elections will be held in an atmosphere free of violence and intimidation and in a totally transparent manner.

5. That the constitution should not be amended to extend the tenure of office of any elected or appointed official no matter what.

6. That every person who is a citizen or permanent resident of Zimbabwe shall enjoy their full rights as enshrined in the constitution regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or political persuasion.

7. That the independence and authority of the judiciary will be respected and that any attempt to influence judicial process will be considered a serious crime for which those who hold public office must resign.

8. That all the laws of Zimbabwe be aligned to the constitution. Those that are not aligned must be amended or repealed.

9. That the President will actively promote transparency and accountability especially by demonstrating such transparency and accountability themselves.

10. That the President will respect and continuously expand the social, economic and personal dignity of every Zimbabwean.

We the people of Zimbabwe know that the list above is not exhaustive. This is just the spirit of our expectations. We are not presenting this petition as a request as was the custom in the patronage system that has existed in this country since the 1800's. We present this petition as our reasonable demands on whomever we entrust with leadership directly through an election or indirectly through the operation of the law.

We want the best for our nation,


Respectfully though Firmly,


The People of Zimbabwe


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