Stop the Paint Industry from covering the truth about lead in our homes

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What’s worse than kids getting sick from toxic lead paint?  Corporations refusing to clean up their mess and instead sticking taxpayers with hundreds of millions in clean-up costs for the toxic mess they created.

For decades, lead paint manufacturers, Sherwin-Williams, ConAgra and NL Industries (short for National Lead), continued to chase corporate profits and sell toxic paint – even after they had scientific proof that lead paint was toxic to children.

Taking a page out of Big Tobacco’s playbook, these corporate giants targeted children in their ads and marketing, prioritizing their profits over public health.  The courts have demanded that Big Paint pay to clean up the mess they made. But now, they want you to pick up the tab, launching a deceptive ad campaign threatening homeowners and seniors with lawsuits.  

Sign-on and tell Big Paint to stop trying to cover over their mess. We need to stand up to the bullying tactics of the big lead paint producers to protect homeowners and demand accountability.  

A handful of lawmakers in Sacramento are standing up to Big Paint, with a series of bills aimed at ending their scheme to get taxpayers to pay for the mess they made.

They’ve introduced a package of bills that would protect homeowners who are under threat from the paint corporations and hold them accountable for cleaning up the toxic mess they created in millions of Californians’ homes.

It’s up to us to hold the paint industry accountable for poisoning our communities and tell Legislators to protect kids and homeowners. Send your message today!

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