Boycott the Ottawa General Hospital

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The Story

On August 22nd, I was admitted to the psychiatric ward in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am wheelchair bound and dependant on my caregivers for things like showers and hair-brushing due to multiple physical ailments.

They neglected to give me a shower for a month. When I asked for a toothbrush, depending on the nurse, they would refuse. When I asked to brush my hair, the psychiatrist replied that this was not a ‘nurses job.’ On top of this, they left me with a blocked catheter for 3 hours while I screamed in pain.

After finding out I sent the recording to a family member, the Ottawa Hospital confiscated my phone after I decided to record our conversation. In the conversation, the nurse offers me a partial bed bath instead of a shower after I clearly ask her to sort out my shower situation. When the security guards came to confiscate my phone, they also took control of my wheelchair without my consent in anticipation that I would get violent. So, I ran over the security guards toe.

Furthermore, they would leave me in dirty diapers for hours at a time and then wonder why I had a urinary tract infection and skin breakdown.

I want justice for what happened to me. But, more so, I want patients who come to the hospital after me to be taken care of. I am still looking for an attorney to take on my case. Use the hashtag #FightForFalum and share this petition publicly. 

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