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Ban The Use Of Herbicides By The City Of Oswego

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On April 11, 2016, the Oswego City Common Council voted to allow the repeated spraying of herbicides containing glyphosate in city parks and on school lawns. Glyphosate is a chemical found in "Round Up" and many other herbicides. It's a poison designed to kill weeds but has countless other harmful effects, many of which that have not yet been fully discovered towards humans and animals. The World Health Organization has deemed it "Probably carcinogenic to humans", while many countries around the world have outright banned the use of glyphosates because of their link to a host of diseases (not just cancer) – ranging from birth defects and kidney failure to celiac disease, colitis and autism. Among the countries banning or restricting their use of glyphosates are: France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Columbia, and El Salvador. Several progressive-minded cities across the US have also begun movements to ban glyphosate and similar herbicides in their municipalities as well. 

Each year, hundreds of Oswego's youth play and picnic in the city's parks and playgrounds. Our children dig through the dirt and drag toys through the grass. Everyday, dozens of Oswegonians walk their beloved pets throughout the city. Our dogs run through the fields and eat the grass. Do we really want to risk the health and well-being of our most vulnerable family members to these harmful chemicals? 

After many concerned citizens spoke up about the potential harm of these herbicides and educated the City Council on May 2nd, Councilors John Gosek, Pat McLaughlin, Nathan Emmons, and Caitlyn Reynolds voiced their support for revising the Herbicide Initiative and rescinding their prior commitment to spraying the city's parks and schools. 

Several community volunteers have already stepped forward and pledged to start manual weeding of our parks and to put into use alternative weedkillers without the dangerous chemicals of herbicides. Please stand with us in our commitment to make Oswego the progressive community that it is destined to become and keep our loved ones safe. Tell the Mayor and the City Council to ban the use of herbicides.

Thank you.

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