Change The Original's Series Finale

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The Original's ending was an injustice to a fandom that remained loyal for over 6 years. 

  • A happy ending was the least the writers could do, considering the aim of the show was to maintain a family united. Instead of finally delivering this picture, the show ended on a tragic note that included the unnecessary sacrifice of a character who had finally earned his redemption.
  • The entire season lacked the creativity from the previous seasons and instead primed for the writer's new spinoff. While it is understandable for the writer to seize creative control over a series, the writer should at the very least be considerate over her fan's wishes. Without the fans, where would the story even be? A good writer knows when to end a story and when to allow the story to continue unfolding. 
  • If the main concern with preserving the lives of these characters involved contract issues (involving cast members not wishing to continue in the series) the writer could simply write them off in a manner that did not involve death. She has the creative liberty over this universe to create a thousand possibilities in which Klaus/Elijah/Hayley weren't involved in Hope's present future. This could include travel, other missions etc. 
  • If another concern of hers was to preserve the brother's bond as a key feature of the series, there were also a million other possibilities to display this love in a manner that did not sacrifice the integrity of the show's aim (which if I'm not mistaken, was family. Not just brotherly love, as she wishes TVD had been). I can list several instances in the show where either Hayley or Klaus mentioned wanting to raise Hope with both her parents present, unlike both their familial situations.  
  • With all due respect to Caroline Forbes character, why was so much airtime dedicated to this character? Or even the new cast of Legacies? Was this show not "The Originals"? Marcel, Josh, Davina, Camille WERE part of the original cast. How many episodes total was Kol even in? Or even Rebekah who left as a series regular in season 2? The show disregarded these major actors who gave the show life in order to promote a newer cast. Was the show even "The Originals" anymore? 
  • The writer more than a few times teased the pair of Caroline & Klaus. If her intentions were not to unite Klaus and Caroline as endgame, she was wrong to use them as bait, period. What was the point of dedicating so much screen time to them in S5 otherwise?
  • Davina was written off the show. Marcel was barely a focus. Josh dies. Hayley barely had 30 full minutes of screen time. Camille had maybe 1min. Was this not The Original's cast? 
  • As loyal fans, we, the viewers, entrusted the writers to conclude the stories of these characters we followed from an already previous show (The Vampire Diaries) in a proper way. We followed Klaus and his family through a "hopeful" journey towards a better life. The ending provided anything but (ironically) hope.
  • The name "Hope" represented newfound hope for this family that for thousands of years lived in familiar conflict and turmoil. When this family finally found unity as a whole, our writer killed our beloved redeemed protagonist. As fans we wanted Klaus to live for (at the very least) another 1000 years with a clear conscious. Not as a "mad king" but as simply "the king". He'd earned this right by helping several characters in the TVD universe. It's fine to close his chapter, but does it need to end in such an abrasive manner? Give the fandom "hope" that he is in a better place, at the very least. 

Disclaimer: This petition does not wish to cancel Legacies. A lot of fans, however cannot watch/support it as they have expressed feelings of distrust for the writer considering how she chose to conclude The Originals for the sake of Legacies. But I do not wish to cancel it. I am thankful to the cast of it and I personally think Danielle Russel played a fantastic Hope Mikaelson. 

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