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Stop the Inclusion of Dolphin Tours!!

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Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures that sould not be in captivity for our amusement. Dolphins are forcefully captured from the wild during a process in which many are slaughtered. They are mistreated in captivity and live only a few years as compared to up to 45 in the wild. 

As travel writers, it is our job to promote responsible tourism - tourism that leaves the earth and cultures we write about the way we found them so they are their for future generations. TBEX, an organization that runs the largest and most widely recognized travel blogging conference in the world, has captive dolphin exhibits as part of their offered conference activities. 

TBEX organizers don't believe many people are against and don't want to give in to a small minority of people. Please sign this petition and let TBEX know that you oppose the inclusion of captive dolphin activities in the official agenda of the conference and that until these activities are removed, you will not support the organization, speak at, or attend the conference. 

Let's show them this is a widely held opinion! 

Thank You! 

- Matt

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