Demand The Oregonian Stop Platforming Violent Racism

Demand The Oregonian Stop Platforming Violent Racism

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Portland's Resistance started this petition to The Oregonian

On Sunday October 28th, 2018, in the wake of nationwide violence including pipe bombs mailed to political leaders, African Americans murdered while grocery shopping, and the slaughter of Jews in their place of worship—all on U.S. soil, Portland's daily newspaper opted to publish an op-ed piece in defense of a well-known nationalist who has been inciting violence in Portland’s local community, including the stabbing on a MAX train last year which resulted in one injury and two deaths.

Media plays an important role in the rise of totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and fascism. In the run-up to WW2, the media joked about Hitler and the Nazis, making light of and normalizing their behavior. The idea of “neutral” or “objective” media is a fallacy: by choosing what to cover and when and how the media can help or hinder causes; promote social movements or dampen them. The question is whether our media are working to promote freedom, liberty, and justice for all (you know, democracy) or promoting causes that threaten the civil and human rights of the most vulnerable people in our community.

We believe that the editorial staff of The Oregonian made grave error in timing and judgement by publishing this lighthearted piece normalizing the leader of a violent nationalist movement, which even went so far as to call him a “prophet”. The right-wing movement comprised of people in red hats has one goal: the maintenance of white supremacy through ethnic and racial cleansing. They brag about planning and committing violence in our community and regularly incite violence in public space around the city and region. To publish a piece when the country is enduring a wave of fascist terrorism is, as @coreypein succinctly put it, “simply depraved.” 

The Oregonian has engaged unconscionable, unethical, and dangerous behavior; accordingly, community response has been swift and sharp criticism and outrage. To promote the public safety and ensure Portland is truly a Sanctuary City, we ask you to join us in demanding that The Oregonian reconcile their poor judgment and timing with its impact on our community by taking the following actions:

1. Retract and issue a front-page apology to our community for publishing the "The misunderstood Joey Gibson" article

2. No longer employ Elizabeth Hovde in any capacity, compensating her for work, printing her writing etc

3. Discontinue the practice of lending fascists a platform to recruit and legitimize their hate

To drive home the seriousness of this issue, we are calling for a strategic boycott of Oregonian advertisers with a focus on local businesses where Oregonians spend their hard-earned dollars. We ask that that the companies listed below withdraw all their advertising dollars from the Oregonian effective immediately. Your dollars are being used to directly platform violent white supremacist organizations. If you are a consumer joining in this boycott, please sign your name to the petition in support.

[If you are a business on this list, and you’ve withdrawn your advertising dollars from The Oregonian, please notify us at and we’ll remove you from it.]

Affordable Lawn and Garden

Amiton Furniture

Atiyeh Brothers

Beldon (Siding/Gutters)
971-247-4035, 971-599-2231

Bergman, Draper, Oslund

City Liquidators
503-230-7716, 503-238-4477

Clark Public Utilities
(customerservice) 503-285-9141

Columbia Credit Union

Columbia Theater Assoc. for the Performing Arts
admin offices: 360-423-1011, (360) 575-8499

Dignified Pet Services
503-885-2211, 503-783-6115

Exercise Equipment NW
commercial office: 503-594-0500 Ext 2

Fred Meyer
Kroeger Media Relations: 513-762-4000
3800 SE 22nd

Fred's Sound of Music

Get Smart Oregon

Howell's Home and Floral

Jake's Waterproofing Company

Loen Nursery

Maloy's Jewelry

Neil Kelly Remodeling

NW Natural Appliance Center
503-303-0835, 503-894-5104

Options Counseling and Family Services

Oregon Historical Society
Comms Dir.:  503-306-5221

Pacific Residential Mortgage

Portland Hauling

Portland Opera
Admin:  503-241-1407, Patron Services:  503-241-1802

Portland Saturday Market

Portland Youth Philharmonic

Providence Hospitals
media:  503-893-6367, 503-893-6313

Sunrise Landscape

The Spring Living, Lake Oswego

The Whole 9 Yards
Tigard Landmark Ford, Lincoln

Wheels for Wishes  (make-a-wish foundation)

Winemaker Dinners PDX
503-343-3511, 503-972-0194

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!