Owha: postponement of provincials instead on cancellation.

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The owhl has cancelled the provincial wide tournament for the top teams in Ontario. Ontario schools are scheduled to re open on the 6th of April and provincials was scheduled for the 3rd-5th of the same month.

Many kids have worked so hard and invested a lot of money just to participate in provincials, it was the end goal of the whole season. Cancelling it completely has had such a negative affect on the whole hockey community. As a member of a midget team, I know for many of my teammates it is their final year to play, the season shouldn’t end like this. If we are able to go back to school where we have to touch desks, chairs etc, we should be allowed to play in a tournament the same week. There are multiple ways we can prevent the virus from spreading like leaving our gloves on during the hand shakes at the end of the games. On behalf of all the teams in the whole league, I ask that you please just let us play. We invest our lives into playing just for this moment. Taking it away from us is devastating. All we ask for is a postponement, and not a complete cancellation. We will wait as long as it takes to play.

If you play hockey please take the time out of your day to sign this petition so we can end the season the right way. If you don’t play hockey at all please also consider helping us out by signing this petition. Thank you and hopefully I’ll see you at provincials soon!!