Abolish the restricted dogs list Deed not breed

Abolish the restricted dogs list Deed not breed

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Dave Ward started this petition to The Oireachtas

 We want to abolish the restricted dogs list in Ireland and replace it with the deed not breed system and a licence for the owner of large breeds acquired by taking a council run course on dog training...

In Scotland they have the "deed not the breed" approach in tackling irresponsible dog ownership. The 2010 Act is designed to highlight the responsibilities of dog owners by identifying out of control dogs at an early stage and provide measures to change the behavior of these dogs and their owners before the dogs become dangerous. This will widen the scope for local authorities and the courts to take action against persons in charge of a dog where the dog's behavior is deemed to be "out of control". This will be achieved through the creation of a Dog Control Notice (DCN) regime that will permit (local authority appointed) authorized officers to issue DCNs to irresponsible owners of any dog that have been found to be out of control.The DCN can impose a number of conditions on the dog owner including: Muzzling the dog whenever it is in a place to which the public have access; Keeping the dog on a lead whenever it is in a place to which the public have access; If the dog is male, neutering it; and The owner and their dog attending and completing a training course in the control of dogs.The 2010 Act also amends the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 so that a dog owner can be held criminally responsible where a dog is found to be dangerously out of control in any place rather than only a public place or private place where a dog is not permitted to be. The 2010 Act contains measures which will address the problems of irresponsible dog ownership and this is fundamental in helping to reduce the number of attacks by dogs of all breeds. The provisions contained in the 2010 Act will give additional powers to local authorities for action to be taken against out of control of dogs so as to improve dog behavior and owner behavior leading to reductions in the number of future dog attacks that blight our communities. We need to get this law passed here in Ireland. If your a dog owner of a restricted breed or and owner of any dog. Please help by signing this petition.

The APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) agrees the bias of local councils against tenants gaining long waited for social housing based on the Restricted Dogs List.

"APDT Ireland support for Veterinary Ireland’s call to Minister Coveney to end the current dog breed-specific legislation in Ireland
APDT Ireland Media Release: September 2017
On September 9th 2016, Veterinary Ireland released a policy document calling upon Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government Simon Coveney, to end the current dog breed-specific legislation currently in force in Ireland.

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Ireland wishes to lend our full support to Veterinary Ireland. We join Veterinary Ireland’s call for the repeal of the current legislation in which specific breeds of dog are targeted, to be replaced by new, modern legislation which not only reflects our much-improved, research-led understanding of dog behaviour, but which also supports education of owners and the general public about dog behaviour, and which promotes responsible dog ownership and dog welfare regardless of what breed or type of dog.
Since the current dog control legislation was introduced in 1986, with the breed specific regulations enacted in 1998, dog bite statistics show no sign of improving in Ireland. Indeed, the number of reported dog bite incidents has increased since the introduction of the legislation, in many cases the dogs involved were not of breeds restricted under the regulations. This has been the overriding experience in other countries wherein breed specific legislation was introduced. In acknowledgement of its ineffectiveness, many of these countries are in the process of repealing, or have already significantly overhauled their dog control legislation.

The current Irish legislation is over 30 years old, in which time dogs, as a species, have come under intensive scientific behavioural scrutiny in research laboratories across the world. Our knowledge and understanding of their behaviour has vastly improved as a result. Consequently, approaches to training and behaviour have changed to reflect our greater understanding of their learning processes and behaviours. It has become clear that a restrictive legislative policy which singles out specific breeds cannot succeed, as breed alone is not a sufficient determinant of the likelihood of a dog presenting a bite risk. On the contrary, any dog is capable of presenting a bite risk given certain circumstances, and as such, it is incumbent upon all owners to ensure that their dog’s behaviour and welfare are sufficiently catered for in order to ensure their dog is a safe and welcome part of today’s society.

The 1998 Control of Dogs Regulations (S.I. No. 442 of 1998) requires that the breeds from the list below, their crossbreeds and strains, must at all times in public be securely muzzled, be on a lead not exceeding 2m in length, and be under the control of a person over 16 years of age who is capable of controlling the dog:

American Pit Bull Terrier
Bull Mastiff
Doberman Pinscher
English Bull Terrier
German Shepherd (Alsatian)
Japanese Akita
Japanese Tosa
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Every dog of the type known as Ban Dog
Link: Control of Dogs Regulations 1998"  (taken from their web page)

Its time to stop the unjustified persecution of friendly well behaved dogs..

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