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The Ohio State University: Repeal New Restrictions and Hold a Public Dialogue on New Restrictions on Mirror Lake Jump

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The Mirror Lake Jump is one of Ohio State's greatest traditions. The university has used the tragedy of an unrelated death at Mirror Lake at the beginning of fall semester for their own means to restrict the Jump ( We call on the university to repeal their decision and hold an open dialogue with students and alumni about how best to adress the jump. We also ask that in the future the university inform the public early enough in the process about these types of changes in order to receive meaningful dialogue from those who will be affected, namely students and alumni. 

Specific Problems with the Plan put forward by Student Life (

1. Students' tuition is already too high and the costs of feeding 4,000 students, extra security, and placing and removing fences will inevitably fall upon students. 

2. The plan will hold up many students at one entrance and could lead to increased confrontation between police officers and students. This could in turn, with the involvement of CPD, lead to events like those seen at WoodFest two years ago with uninvolved students in residence halls being affected by non-lethal crowd control measures such as Mace.

3. The plan had no period of meaningful dialogue and was decided unilaterally by the university without a broad spectrum of student or alumni input. 

4. The plan was purposefully unveiled two days before the event to prevent a meaningful dialogue.

5. The new jump excludes all alumni and other Ohio State fans without scannable BUCKID's. 

6. The plan removes the most exciting element of this tradition, its unregulated nature, and could open the university up to litigation in case of problems; which costs will again fall upon students.

7. An unrelated death at the beginning of fall semseter has no bearing on how this event should proceed and any attempt to use it as a justification for decisions concerning the jump belittles the death of Tushar Shriram Kabre. 

8. The plan has created a new market for those who wish to jump but are not current students to buy wristbands from students who aren't jumping. 

9. The change has caused students to jump on Monday night instead without any of the safety measures usually available on Tuesday, thereby making it more likely that students will contract hypothermia or be injured.

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