Remove Les Wexner's Name from All OSU Buildings

Remove Les Wexner's Name from All OSU Buildings

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One of the most difficult questions surrounding Jeffrey Epstein is why did Leslie Wexner, a billionaire entrepreneur, entrust all of his money to Epstein, a secretive financier with no college degree. 

Les Wexner was one of Epstein's longest and closest friends by many accounts [1, 2] and Epstein was entrusted with all of Wexner's personal wealth while at the same time running one of the world's largest child trafficking rings. 

If innocent, how did Wexner — a prominent philanthropist seen as a champion of Jewish learning end up so enmeshed and enamored with a convicted sex offender and trafficker and become at one point, Epstein’s only "financial client"?
Is Wexner connected to the sex abuse accusations against Epstein? Yes, but since the Epstein sex scandal surfaced in 2019, these questions have dogged Wexner. Wexner was very close with Epstein and trusted him as a money manager and legal representative for years, this much is known.
Leslie Wexner is an 82-year-old billionaire who lives in Columbus, Ohio. Wexner made his fortune by purchasing and expanding a women’s lingerie brand.

For decades, if Wexner spent any money, Epstein was connected to it. Epstein, a former school teacher, had a reputation as an astute money manager for the super-wealthy. He met Wexner in the 1980s, and the two immediately forged a close relationship with Epstein eventually receiving power of attorney over Wexner’s finances.
Epstein also was involved with Wexner’s charitable efforts. In 1990, the two helped fund the construction of a new building for the Harvard Hillel. Two years later, after Wexner’s mother fell ill, Epstein replaced her on the Wexner Foundation board.
Sounds like they were REALLY close.
Yes, and their relationship was more than a typical professional one. They were invested together in Wexner’s Ohio real estate development. Epstein lived in Wexner’s New York City townhouse for years, eventually acquiring it, along with acquiring a private plane from Wexner for well below market value.
Epstein also was a frequent guest at Wexner’s Ohio parties, according to The New York Times. The Times also reported that Epstein even froze out some of Wexner’s friends and acquaintances from his life.
When Epstein was first investigated in the 2000s, for unlawful sex acts with a minor, he denied the allegations, however, he accepted a deal under which he pleaded guilty for two counts of solicitation of prostitution with a minor. Wexner now says he broke off his relationship with Epstein in 2007, well after these allegations were public.
In 2008, Epstein made a $46 million donation to one of Wexner’s charities. Wexner later wrote that those “payments Mr. Epstein made to the charitable fund represented a portion of returned monies” as a reason he did not return the donation after the allegations were settled. 
The name Wexner has not right being on an State building and it is a slap in the face to his and Epstein's victims. 






442 have signed. Let’s get to 500!