The Ohana - A need for treatment services in Hawaii


The Ohana - A need for treatment services in Hawaii

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Started by E Smith

Aloha!  The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center is an outpatient program with a sober living on the Big Island of Hawaii.  As we have been serving the population here for over a year now we are expanding our sober living into an inpatient treatment program further helping those in need here on the islands with higher levels of care.  

As a part of The Ohana's licensing process, we are obtaining a certification of need from the State of Hawaii, Department of Health, State Health Planning & Development Agency.  As a part of this process, members in the community have requested a formal hearing to contest our services being offered.    

To date, The Ohana has helped hundreds of people find freedom from active addiction and healing from substance use and mental health disorders and regain control of their life.  The Ohana believe's it has demonstrated the requirements to serve the need in the community. The Ohana is looking for support with this petition and the services we provide.  Below is what the requirements The Ohana needs to demonstrate are:

  1. The relationship of the proposal to the Health Services and Facilities Plan.

    (Yes! The Ohana is required to obtain a certificate of need.)
  2. Need for and accessibility of the proposal.
    • The need that the population served or to be served has for the
      services proposed to be offered or expanded, and the extent to
      which all residents of the area, and in particular the elderly, low
      income persons, racial and ethnic minorities, women, persons
      with disabilities, and other underserved groups are likely to have
      access to those services.

      (The Ohana has offered more than $100,000 in scholarships and grants.  The Ohana offers two fully scholarshipped beds to Kama Aina in need!)

  3. Quality of the service or care that is proposed
    • The applicant’s compliance with federal and state licensure and
      SERVICE/CARE certification requirements.
    • The quality of the health care services proposed.
    • In the case of existing health services or facilities, the quality of
      care provided by those facilities in the past.

      (The Ohana complies with all State and Federal laws, thus our application for a Certificate of Need.  The Ohana is also a Joint Commission Accredited Facility, one of the highest standards a facility can strive for!  Our testimonials and reviews also show the immense impact we have had on folks!  There is a limited number of facilities on the island and a need for more quality facilities) 
  4. Cost and financial impact of the proposal
    • The probable impact of the proposal on the overall costs of
      health services to the community.
    • The probable impact of the proposal on the costs of and
      charges for providing health services by the applicant.
    • The immediate and long-term financial feasibility of the

      (The Ohana's Service will not impact the cost of health services, in fact, adding more services will bring cost down in the area.  The Ohana is also striving to become in-network with many health insurance companies leaving little to no cost to the community and better access to services.  The Ohana also offers a great scholarship program leaving two beds open for no-cost-treatment!  The long-term feasibility is great, as The Ohana refines it's services, costs dramatically go down)

  5. Relationship of the proposal to the existing health care system
    • The relationship of the proposal to the existing health care
      system of the area.
    • The availability of less costly or more effective alternative
      methods of providing services. 

      (The reality is there are not enough services in the community and access to treatment on Hawaii Island is too small.  With most facilities having a waiting list, offerring more services will only help the health care system!)

  6. The availability of resources for the proposed service.
    • The availability of resources (including health personnel, management personnel, and funds for capital and operating
      RESOURCES needs) for the provision of the services proposed to be provided and the need for alternative uses of these resources as identified by the Hawaii Health Performance Plan, H2P2, (state
      health services and facilities plan).

      (The Ohana has private funding and does not rely on any tax payer dollars to provide treatment services!  All of our funds are used to help the population we serve including giving back through the use of scholarships.)

The Ohana meets all of the criteria in relation to a certificate of need.  If you believe in helping make a difference and that The Ohana complies with the above, please sign the petition and share it.  Together, we can provide more access to treatment in Hawaii and make a difference!


This petition made change with 477 supporters!

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