Save the Rollins College Campus Cats

Save the Rollins College Campus Cats

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Started by Trayce Smith

Dear President Cornwell,

We the undersigned are asking you to intervene to ensure the security and well-being of our beloved long-standing Rollins TNR cat community (

Like the wooden bridge behind Bush, or Dinky Dock, or the rose garden near the Annie Russell Theater, the Rollins cats are an integral part of Rollins and bring happiness and comfort to so many students who miss their own pets back home, or just need some emotional support during these difficult times.

Rollins history with its cats dates back almost as far as its history with the fox. But while the fox only comes out once a year, students get to enjoy the Rollins cats every day. The students of Pinehurst have adopted one and built "Nicky" his own outdoor dorm room. Nicky even has his own Instagram account (

College in the era of Covid is even more stressful. And our furry comfort cats impact so many student lives every day. The cats pose no risk to anyone as they are all spayed or neutered, vaccinated, provided flea treatment and regular veterinary care ( Over the years, countless students, alumni, faculty, and staff have supported this program by volunteering, donating food, adopting, and making financial contributions. Certainly, you will agree this exemplifies the Rollins mission of service.

Mr. Rogers, arguably Rollins College’s most famous alum, had a deep love for animals and cats were regular guests in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood ( Furthermore, with all the celebrations of his life and accomplishments, one important aspect has been overlooked. Her name was Henrietta. A college girlfriend of Fred’s? No. His mother? No. A professor who played an important role during his college career? Again, no.

Henrietta’s full name is Henrietta Pussycat ( and she was once honored at the Mister Rogers Walking Tour at Rollins College. The legacy of Mr. Rogers and his cat is alive and well today for all to see every day on campus – especially around feeding time.

Rollins wouldn’t be Rollins without the Rollins cats. They have survived hurricanes, campus construction, and the overall challenges of living life outdoors. We ask you to please support our efforts in keeping the cats in the only habitat they know, the Rollins campus. Please allow them to remain safely on campus and let us provide the proper shelter they need and deserve.

Thank you!


1,676 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!