Initiate a Grand Jury Investigation

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This petition is to compel The Office of the District Attorney of Colorado Springs, Colorado to conduct a Grand Jury Investigation on kidnapping suspect Emma Manzanares Bradshaw, related to the kidnapping of Christopher Abeyta.
On July 15th, 1986, as he and his parents slept, an intruder crept into the suburban Colorado Springs home of 7 month old infant Christopher Enoch Abeyta, and silently snatched him from his crib. It has been almost 27 years of heartache for the Abeyta family, and they have never given up hope that their son would be found, and the perpetrator brought to justice. A suspect has been identified, but has not been charged. There have been many injustices and prejudices related to this case, and one of those is that the Colorado Springs Police department accidentally destroyed evidence in Christopher Abeyta’s case.
The family has spent years investigating the disappearance of their infant son and has collected information on the suspect that needs to be presented in full, to a Grand Jury, and their hope is that other witnesses, as well as the suspect, will be required to cooperate with the investigation. There are witnesses that have remained silent, or have not cooperated, in this investigation. The family seeks answers and justice! Please help them by signing this petition, so that it may be presented to the District Attorney in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to let them know that you stand behind the family in support of justice, not only for them, but for an innocent baby that did not deserve to be stolen away from his loving family in the middle of the night, while he and they slept.
The family is offering a $100,000 reward for information regarding Christopher Abeyta’s whereabouts.
For further information regarding this case, please refer to the Find Christopher website, as well as a Facebook page that is dedicated to finding Christopher.