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The Occupation Proclamation

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The Occupation Proclamation:

Due to the willingness of multinational financial institutions to participate in criminal activity, the people have now responded with one voice. We charge that the greedy practices of these corporations have led to acts of torture and the loss of human lives. They have created and exploited loopholes in our legal system and conducted unethical campaigns of greed to the detriment of human beings. They have corrupted and dismantled our democratic system by bribing and blackmailing elected representatives. They have displayed an utter lack of respect for humanity and show no remorse for their crimes.

We hereby announce to these villainous institutions: The laws protecting you are no longer recognized by us. They are defective, unethical and hazardous to the state of our national security. It is the intention of our citizens to commit to the following actions:

1. We shall continue the withdrawl of all private funds from your control.
2. We shall promote the use of non-profit community banks and credit unions to our friends, neighbors and colleagues.
3. We shall demand through the act of peaceful participation in the democratic process, the removal of all politicians who receive campaign contributions from the funds granted to you by the Troubled Asset Relief Program.
4. We shall protect with our own bodies, through nonviolent acts of civil disobedience, the households of those you seek to foreclose upon; we deny that you have the right to evict Americans from their homes while simultaneously robbing millions through illegal and unethical practices.

We, the people, hereby declare:

Your banks, investment firms and rating agencies are separate heads of a global criminal organization. You are a threat to the American way of life, superseding that of any terrorist organization or aggressive foreign power. You are a weapon of mass destruction and therefore, by a process of democratic, nonviolent action, we intend to slowly dismantle you and replace you with a compartmentalized financial system fully accountable to us, the people.

This proclamation is not all inclusive and we reserve the right to amend it as we see fit.

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