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Allow dogs (of all sizes) on public transportation

Currently, only small dogs that fit into pocketbooks or bags are allowed to come on to the MTA's public transportation and they have to sit on their owners' laps.

This is unfair to dog owners who don't have small dogs (such as boxers, pit bulls, great danes, etc.) Why should small dogs be the only ones who enjoy the city with their owners? Large dogs have to sit at home alone on the weekends if their owners have errands to run in the city and can't afford cars.

It is understandable that some people are scared and/or allergic to dogs. This is why I propose having a designated car on each train that is cleary marked with signs, etc. where dogs are allowed to enter with no issue. Also, there can be peak hours when dogs are allowed on the MTA. Additionally, a compromise, perhaps the MTA can pass some sort of qualification standard (at a fee that we'd be willing to pay!) that each dog owner must get their dog qualified to ride public transportation, like some sort of test or something. This will ensure that all dogs entering the trains, or buses are safe.

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