Normalize the Nueva Cafeteria Arrangement

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Kids everywhere have always needed food. Not all of their hardworking families have time to make and pack lunch for themselves. Nueva students rely on the cafeteria for their lunch — many of them. At 11:35 every day over 200 students rush to the cafeteria for their lunch. Lines quickly form and it eventually spills out to the walkways, impeding the flow of students and teachers. Many have tried to fix this problem, and have failed.

Every year, hopeful student council candidates make their promises: "I will take away the lines!" "You will get your lunch in time!" But their efforts are in vain. The Nueva students became accustomed to it, and an extra serving station was added to decrease the lines. It was the one solution that worked, but suddenly it's value was diminished.

On November 27, 2017, a day that will go down in infamy, the salad bar was moved and the second station was placed far down the cafeteria. The line suddenly stretched all around the tables, and moving to the salad bar from the tables was nearly impossible through the line.

The cafeteria was crowded in a blazing fast two minutes. It was a swamp for the next twenty-five. Arrange the cafeteria correctly, and help the students of The Nueva School.

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