Noxious Fish Problem in Queensland

Noxious Fish Problem in Queensland

14 July 2022
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Hon Mark Furner
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Started by nicole whysall


To Hon Mark Furner

Introduced fish species Tilapia and Carp have been established in Queensland waterways for too long. Biosecurity QLD and Department of Fisheries QLD have no active plan to curb their numbers. There are no solid plans to combat the problem with no one working full time on noxious fish in any capacity in these departments  It is time that they are held accountable to address this issue.

What i think needs to be done?

For a start, a team needs to be set up by Biosecurity/DAF to address introduced fish species problems.

followed by

1- ACTIVE CONTROL METHODS such as electrofishing, selective poisoning of new infestations,  selective barriers to inhibit fish movement through key areas, line fishing and putting more pressure on councils to net or pay for electo fishing as well as allowing fishing in the Council managed water bodies that currently have no fishing signs where millions of pest fish breed, grow and spread in flood water. The jurisdictions of Brisbane city Council, Ipswich City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council all have 1000s upon 100000s of Tilapia being protected by their regulations yet they feel they 'meet their Biosecurity obligation' by holding a fishing competition every now and then.

2 - RESTOCKING of native fish in large numbers not only by the SIPs fund but also by local council and state government to help with predation of pest fish and competition for food and space.

3 - RESTORATION of riparian vegetation/ habitat that suits native fish but is less suitable to pest fish at same time. Tilapia in particular like to use the edges of banks for making breeding nests and Carp suck away on bank edges creating incredible erosion. Re-snagging for these areas will make it harder for this to occur.

4- EDUCATION to advise the general public what these fish are and the impact releasing ornamental species has on our ecosystems. More than just a local fishing competition 1 once a year to meet a supposed Biosecurity general obligation. More than just an old outdated sign in a park or boat ramp.

5- CONTINUED RESEARCH into possible Biological controls eg Carp Herpes Virus, Daughterless Carp modification and the Tilapia Lake Virus If they are ever deemed safe.

6- COMPLIANCE. If there are regulations that aren't being enforced people are never going to do the right thing. This goes for pest fish and natives alike. There are not enough officers on the ground.

I recently saw an ad on YouTube addressing Fire Ants, so big money is being spent on that issue  Why not Tilapia and Carp aswell? Fire Ant eradication is an uphill battle but big $ are still being spent on making some sort of effort.

Recreational fishing, they keep telling us is a huge industry bringing in huge amounts of $ and tourism to our state., but how much of that is being reinvested to look after our amazing asset for the future?

None of these options can work on their own. It must be worked on all at once to give the best chance for our native fish for the future. Something has to change. 

Thank you for your support in taking time to read this and sign petition.

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Nicole Whysall
Pest Fishing Adventures

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Signatures: 928Next goal: 1,000
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