Strip Dr. Denis Mukwege of his Nobel Prize

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Strip Denis Mukwege of his Nobel Peace Prize.
Calls around the world to strip Aung San Suu Kyi of her Nobel Peace Prize after she failed to speak out against those who carried out mass killings and gang rapes against Muslim Rohingya people in her own country Myanmar, were loud and clear, yet the Nobel Prize Institute refused to do so. We are making the same calls to strip Denis Mukwege his Nobel Peace Prize and hopefully this time, it will side with people and realize that this man is not a worth Nobel Peace Prize laureate and withdraw this honour from him.
This man is full of hatred against Tutsis, he has never hidden his views and yet he was given this highest honour a man can get on this planet. Corrupt institutions and special interest groups lobbied for this to happen and fooled the Nobel Prize foundation but this is an opportunity to reverse that decision and make it clear that hatred against any group should never be tolerated.
Mukwege’s recent tweet calling for an investigation of the burned Kipupu village, one of the many villages that harbour the evil possessed Mai Mai, Interahamwe and red Tabara rebels, while he remained silent when countless Banyamulege(Congolese Tutsis) villages were burned, their women raped and killed, their thousands of castles taken is a testament to his true character; he is phoney, he should be strip of the Nobel Peace Prize honour.
It is true that his clinic treats victims of gang rapes by Mai Mai and Interahamwe, the Rwandan Hutu who committed the genocide in Rwanda and fled to Congo and it is a noble act any physician in any hospital should do. Mukwege doesn’t do it because it is the right thing to do; he does it because it is good business for him. The proof is that he defends the perpetrators of these evil acts the Interahamwe and their Mai Mai allies who kill, rape and loot other people properties every single day, his defence of Kipupu alone explains it all.
A man incapable of hiding his hatred behind the Nobel Peace Prize is extremely dangerous to not only the Congolese society but to the world in general. If his Nobel Peace Prize is not stripped,  his deceitful lies will continue to fool so many around the globe and the perpetrators of the heinous crimes will continue to be free and the cycle of violence will carry on while the victims continue to be voiceless and will suffer indefinitely.
We appeal to the Nobel Prize foundation to do the right thing and that is to strip Denis Mukwege of his Nobel Peace Prize.

Daniel Nzitonda