No Peace Prize for Trump!

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Trump has threatened to destroy North Korea with nuclear weapons, bringing the world closer to nuclear war than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. He has created fear throughout the world, with resultant false missile alarms in Hawaii (13/01/2018) and Japan (16/01/2018) causing people to panic and run for shelter.

He has referred to Kim Jong-un as the "Little Rocket Man" at one stage, and then as "Honourable" at the next. Trump's bellicose, vacillating and contrary statements have made it difficult for enemies and friends to work out exactly what his policies are.

By backing out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, Trump has shown that under his presidency, the U.S. doesn't stick to its deals.

Trump as President, has made the world a much more dangerous place.

He has just happened to be the President when it is suspected the North Korean testing site has collapsed, and economic sanctions have started to bite, bringing Kim Jong-un to the negotiating table. Trump now wants to take the credit!

The negotiations have been initiated, despite Trump's efforts.

Trump does not deserve a Peace prize.