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Let Norwegian Wolves Live

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The Norwegian Government Has Decided to Let the Fear of a Few, End the Lives of Many. A Horrible Example for the Rest of the World on Environmental Conservation and Bio-diversity.

Norway is organizing and funding the systematic slaughter of 42 Norwegian wolves, amounting to 75% of the total wolf population [1]. These wolves are officially red listed [2] and are protected by the Norwegian Constitution [3], the 2009 Diversity Act [4], and the Bern Convention.

There were 56 Norwegian wolves and an additional 33 that reside on both Swedish and Norwegian land. They have allowed for 100 hunters to hunt 42 of them, 22 of which have already been killed in less than a month, killing entire wolf packs, even including three 1-year old and six 9-month-old puppies. The wolves are reportedly herded into a roped off area and shot at by numerous hunters and often times aren’t killed immediately. The wolves are horribly wounded, they suffer and bleed for hours whilst on the run, but are eventually found and killed. For example, the alfa female of the Julussa pack was shot three times before being killed 24 hours later, leaving behind a pup to fend for itself.

The main excuse for the inhumane and unnecessary slaughter of these wolves is that they eat the sheep from Norwegian farms.

The Facts:

[According to the Norwegian website which is responsible for operating the Norwegian Large Predator Monitoring Program]

·      Two of the packs slaughtered are nowhere near any known sheep grazing areas, which contradicts the governments reasoning.

·      91% of sheep that don’t return from pasture, die from:

o   Insects and Parasites

o   Traffic Incidents

o   Poisonous Plants

o   Accidental Injuries

o   Infections

o   Falls from Steep Slopes or Cliffs

·      8% Taken by Other Predators

·      1% Taken by Wolves.

In 2017 Norway has controversially spent over 62,5 million Norwegian Kroner (close to 8 million USD) on international grants in countries (such as Brazil, Azerbaijan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, and Uganda) where one of the main objectives or significant objectives is bio-diversity. In the past five years they have similarly granted a grand total of 240 million NOK (30,5 million USD) to grants with focus on bio-diversity [5]. Yet despite this international focus on bio-diversity the Norwegian government seems to care little about setting an example for the rest of the world to follow.

The Petition

Direct Action Everywhere, an international non-governmental organization, is reaching out to the international community to ask for help. Norway is a country that is often looked up to in the media, reported to be the safest and happiest place to live. For humans. Although the predicament in Norway may seem minor on an international scale, if the Norwegian government is allowed this breach of an internationally binding legal agreement and the breach of its own laws without repercussions, it will set a horrible precedent, leading other countries who have similar predators and wildlife to believe that they can do the same. If other countries take after Norway’s example, it could lead to large scale dangerous ecological destabilization which we have seen time and time again when species have become extinct. The organization is urging for governments and people everywhere to sit up and take notice and speak out against the controversial rulings of the Norwegian government to remind them that they are not exempt from international law. They ask that you sign the petition, and urge your government to hold them responsible and contact your local Norwegian consulates or embassies to let them know the whole world is watching.







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