Set up clinics in all major UK hospitals for Covid Long tail sufferers

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An estimated 1 in 20 people who have had from mild up to serious cases of Covid-19 are suffering ongoing, long-term effects. Most patients are no longer in the contagious phase (though many of us haven't been tested or tested enough) but are assumed, wrongly, to be 'recovered'. Many people, like myself, are experiencing post viral fatigue where we sleep hours on end, have on and off headaches, nausea, diarrhoea, breathing problems, pressure in the chest, breathlessness, metallic taste in the mouth, loss of smell and taste, burning in the mouth, cramping of muscles, violent shaking episodes, insomnia, vertigo and many more other effects. These effects wax and wane, coming and going over days/weeks on end. Many of us still are showing profound and debilitating effects of the virus months after being infected. These effects are being experienced both by patients who were ventilated but also, and perhaps more so, by patients who were sent home to recover from A and E. We are not recovered. we are very sick and are needing help and support right now. This is needed at a UK wide level. It has already started in one or two hospitals but as we are spread all over the UK it is needed urgently in all major hospitals where Covid-19 patients have been treated so we can be supported.

This petition is non-political in origin. It is aimed at getting the CEO's and NHS Managers in line with the UK Government to set up rehabilitation clinics not only for those most seriously affected by muscle mass loss, lung scarring, clots etc but also those more milder cases whose lives have also been turned upside down. Our GP's don't know what to do with us and there is nowhere for many of us to go/turn to or treatment. We believe by having a group of medical professionals set up in each hospital who can see us on a case by case basis (as we are apparently only 1 in 20 patients on average) would be the most obvious starting point in getting us help and on the right path or medications. Many of us have been left very disabled and suffering profound debilitating effects. This would also enable the Government and Medical teams to truly assess the impact of this virus and may go someway to helping to understand what other symptoms we all seemed to experience (eg, I had 13 out of the 14 the Kings College Hospital Study reported were viable symptoms), what long term support is going to be needed (eg, via the DWP & those in employment ) and how we the UK can prepare for any future waves. It also allows us to pinpoint through antibody testing the true picture of who has had it. Many people are reporting testing negative despite having symptoms. this could go some way to helping more plasma donations too.

Please sign our petition. Further support can be found at the "Longtail Covid Sufferers Support group" on Facebook and we encourage you to join our group to share your experiences.