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To take decisive and affirmative action to help save the African elephant from the very real threat of extinction resulting from the current poaching crisis and subsequent Ivory trading.

STOP the demand = STOP the trade = STOP the killing NOW before it is too late! ONLY Elephants Should Wear Ivory!

Wholesale slaughter of elephants, throughout much of Africa, for their tusks to meet predominantly Asian demand, has decimated the herds and seen a drastic drop in numbers which is a cause of major concern worldwide hence the reason for the global call for an International March for Elephants on October 4th 2013 which was enthusiastically and well attended by 42 cities including Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. We, the citizens of New Zealand and the world, therefore request the NZ House of Representatives to urge the New Zealand Government to speak out, demand and take immediate action on:

  • a global ban on ALL aspects of Ivory trading, including within ALL borders
  • the protection of the elephants' habitat from destruction and exploitation
  • to make it very clear, through diplomatic channels, to those offending nations currently involved in Ivory trading, that New Zealand strongly disapproves of, and opposes, such action
  • more stringent penalties to be imposed here in New Zealand, and internationally, on those caught participating in Ivory trading, if elephants are to have any hope of survival.

There is NO valid defence for any trade, whatsoever, in Ivory items, given the devastating impact on elephant populations, as a result of the incessant demand for Ivory. We call upon you to acknowledge the will of many concerned people here in New Zealand, and around the world, for this crisis facing the elephants to be addressed, as a matter of urgency and, therefore, act immediately to protect these iconic creatures now and for posterity. 

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