The NZ government has been advised by their own officials that making an offer of 100% of the 2007 Rateable Value to vacant land owners who are in the Red Zone is appropriate and consistant with their other policies, following the Canterbury Earthquakes. The Minister in charge has rejected this advice and offered 50% RV to purchase the land. This decision is completely unacceptable. The government has zoned this land red, deeming it unable to be lived on. They threaten to withdraw services and obtaining a building permit will be virtually impossible. Vacant landowners are being painted as irresponsible and uninsured. Land cannot be insured in NZ. Many of these properties are undamaged, and it is the surrounding infrastructure that the government does not want to fix. If the government wants to remove people from the land, it needs to pay a respectable amount, their so called voluntary offer is ethically wrong. A small group of hard working families is being hung out to dry. These land owners are all hard working Kiwis who have saved hard and had the tenacity and will to build their family a home, a home that would have been insured upon completion, as is the way in NZ. They were unfortunately caught out at the wrong stage of building a family home and through no fault of their own, they are facing financial ruin. You can find out more on Please help by signing this petition for 100% RV.

Letter to
Prime Minister, Rt Hon John Key The New Zealand Government
Mr Key two weeks ago you said you would look into this. We now have less than 3 weeks before the "offer" expires. Please pay 100% RV to vacant land owners in the Red Zones so we can get on with our lives.