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Allow a vote to repeal the Live Professional MMA Ban in NY

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In this time of economic stress, where New York State has an 8% unemployment rate, other sports associations recovering from recent lockouts, and NYS is expected to have a $350 million budget shortfall for 2011 with a larger shortfall in 2012, it's time to finally allow MMA competitions in the state.

But this cannot be done if a vote is not even permitted on the matter.

MMA is now broadcast on a major network television station with a reported 5.7 million viewers for it's first fight. It is legal in 46 out of 50 states - more if one considers that Wyoming and Alaska do not have state athletic commissions.

However, because of New York Unconsol. Law § 8905-a(2) (aka the "Live Professional MMA Ban"), NYS is one of those states in a distinct minority that criminalizes behavior permitted in the majority of the nation.

The simple net effect of this is three-fold: (a) a proliferation of dangerous and illegal underground fights in NYS, (b) loss of tax revenue that could benefit the NYS economy going directly to NJ and other states, and (c) an illogical localized law that is at odds with the vast majority of the nation - and the express desires of it's people.

There is a currently a lawsuit in place against NYS to repeal the Live Professional MMA Ban. While this is commendable, it is the duty of the legislature to address the issue, not the duty of the courts.

Yet, despite the passage of a repeal by the New York Senate along with support from a majority of the New York State Assembly to repeal the Live Professional MMA Ban, the issue has not made it to the floor of the State Assembly for a vote because of the prejudices of a few.

We ask that the State Assembly simply be allowed to vote on the law's repeal. Let the people be heard. Let the members be allowed to do their job.

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