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Where He Took a Knee on Our Behalves We Stand! Remove Kaepernick from NFL Black list NOW

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Greetings Dear Friends,

We have started this petition to stand beside a man, who has done nothing but display his humanity and compassion for his fellow man. Despite the possibility of losing everything that he has worked hard for, Collin Kaepernick showed great courage by standing for justice; he took a knee to highlight the plight of African Americans, who are routinely targeted by police disproportionately, and suffer under the constant threat of police brutality.

Despite his own success, he decided that money would not stand above principle and he took a bold decision to exercise his right to protest in a peaceful and poignant manner. For this reason, We must create this petition to let the NFL know that Kaepernick's views on social justice should not disqualify him from doing his job; a peaceful demonstration for fair and balanced treatment in the justice system for African Americans, given the history of racial intolerance in America, is not a cause to black list someone. It is not only the most American thing that anyone can do, but it is also the most beautiful thing to lay your life down for people that possibly wouldn't understand or appreciate the depth of your sacrifice.

Today we ask the NFL to do the right thing and remove Collin Kaepernick from your black list and allow him to finish off his career with the dignity he deserves as a tax paying American. He has worked hard to see his dreams come true  and the outrage taken against this young man's decision to stand for what is just and good is preposterous. Not only do better policing practices helps African Americans, but also the greater society on a whole. White America also benefits from ameliorating policing practices, so what is the big uproar and blacklisting about really?  We have put the League on notice today! We will not stand for this! Give Kaepernick the respect he deserves to exercise his constitutional rights without penalty.... it is his right and the world will be a better place for it.

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