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Keep the Redskins' Name

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There is a small group of people with American Indian ancestry that have waged a war on sports teams with Indian mascots. The primary target of this group is the Washington Redskins. They use revisionist history and feigned outrage to advance their agenda. Though their numbers are small their voices are loud, it is now time that we make our voices heard as well.

  • -To us Redskins stands for pride, respect, honor, bravery, and tradition.
  • -Polls show that only 11% of the Nation's population and only 9% of the American Indian population find the name offensive.
  • -We are not racists clinging to a racial epthet, we do not recognize the extreme minorty claim that Redskins is or ever was a racial slur.
  • -The Washington Redskins have historically used and continually use the name in an honorable fashion.
  • -The oppositon asserts that Redskins was coined to describe the scalps used for Indian bounties. This claim has been repeatedly refuted by historians, linguists, and others in the Indian community.
  • -The opposition is opposed to ALL Indian mascots though they seldom advertise that fact.  Redskins is target number 1 because they believe it will be the easiest to take down and the rest will fall one after another.
  • -“The Washington team  it’s the king of the mountain, when this one goes, others will.”-Suzan Harjo
  • -We reject the claim that Indian mascots in sports have a negative effect on American Indian youth when several Tribes use Indian mascots to sell tobacco products.
  • -Denegrating the use and origins of the term only serves to continue distorting the history of the American Indian in our modern culture.
  • -We do believe that there could be a middle ground.  Teams that use Indian mascots could use some of the profits to give back to the Indian community if they are not already doing so.
  • -The Indian head replaced the R on the logo at the behest of Walter Wetzel, former chairman of the Blackfoot tribe and president of the National Congress of American Indians in the 1960s.
  • -"It made us all so proud to have an Indian on a big-time team. . . . It's only a small group of radicals who oppose those names. Indians are proud of Indians."-Walter Wetzel
  • -There are many American Indians that support the Redskins, unfortunately their stories are rarely told
  • -Hail to the Redskins

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