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Keep Nickelback as the halftime act at this years Thanksgiving game

I'll be honest with you folks, I don't like Nickleback as much as the next person, but it doesn't mean I want them to stop performing on the account that people do not like their music.

And who says all Detroiters hate Nickleback? According to this article in the Detroit Free Press ( ), they sold out both of their concerts in the Motor City during their 2009 tour and four of the albums in the US have gone multi-platinum. So it's quite obvious that some people out there enjoy this "awful band". This band that makes people "want to drink bleach" or "stick a power drill in their ear" whenever they hear their songs. Heck, I saw one comment that compared them to the Nazis. Seriously?

So I'm starting this petition to ensure that people who enjoy do Nickelback do not get to miss out on a special Thanksgiving treat. They were scared off from performing at Winnipeg Jets' home opener earlier this year. Let's ensure that this doesn't happen to them again.

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