Enough with Rape Threats

Enough with Rape Threats

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There has been an increase in the number of cases related to Rape Threats, Death Threats, Abuse, Harassment, etc. to the best gift of humankind, women! It happens because we as a society undermine and undercut the importance of justice to women. 

Just a few days ago, a jerk named Shubham Mishra (youtube id), in his video abused, gave rape threats, and murder threats to a fellow female YouTuber (stand-up comedian) and her sister and mother. This only implicates to one thing that if she ever confronted with him, he may do such acts to her and be proud! The crime was to mock GoM for investing in the statue of  Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, which she had full Fundamental and Constitutional rights to do so, but to give the fair piece an FIR was filed against her. But insulting, threatening, abusing, obliterating a woman and demeaning her dignity is unjust and no-one has ever been granted a right to do so and none shall ever! Thanks to public vigilance and the police department, he and cognates were charged.

I speak on this issue because I am not only raised by males but raised by females, taught not only by men but by very hardworking and capable women, played not only with boys but with girls, and when I see them read/hear of such incidents they are threatened of their dignity, morality, and etiquette. It has been hard for women to speak up, get educated, get voting rights, get fundamental rights, and now it has been hard for them to preserve their dignity.

But now India needs an amendment in our policies to protect women and children. We need to prosecute, sentence and execute the likes of Shubhman Mishra, Umesh Dada, etc.. Amendment related to rape threats, death threats, moral and social abuse, and all those acts which tend to shed a light on harming women's dignity. 

We also need to charge those who post abusive content on any platform or anywhere. This not only affects a child's nature and his/her view/perspective towards ethics and mortality but also opens the gate for a criminal mind.

I hope you take a minute of your time and help me press on this important and just issue.

Thanks and Warm Regards!