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Expand College Pep Bands at the NCAA Tournament

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Currently, the NCAA Basketball Tournament prohibits the use of electronic instruments with amplification and also limits the band to 29 students only. Many students are left at home and are unable to participate in this amazing opportunity to represent their school. Bands are forced to make adjustments to replace electric bass players with low brass players that may or may not exist at their school and deserving seniors who have given everything to their band program and team are forced to sit out due to the size restrictions.

Non-football schools depend on their pep band to be the face of their music program in the athletic world and it is unfair that these schools have to adopt a new model just for the NCAA tournament. Electronic amplification is allowed throughout the season and at conference tournaments and pep bands have grown to include nearly 150 students at many schools. These limitations take away some of the critical pieces that fans love.

We'd like your help in requesting the NCAA to change the restrictions on college pep bands during the NCAA Tournament by:

1) Increasing the size of the band from 29 members to 40 members

2) Allowing the use of electronic amplification for bands to use bass guitars, keyboards, violins and more.

These two minor changes would allow college pep bands to produce a more balanced sound, help bring more students on unique instruments that need amplification and provide a more realistic representation of the kind of performance you'd find at the band's home games.

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