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Ultimate is one of the nation's fastest growing sports. With over 750 college club teams, a professional league, and a place in the International World Games, the sport of ultimate would greatly benefit from the increased exposure, support, and level of competition that the NCAA can foster.

The unique and tremendous amount of spirit that this sport requires would be a great addition to the world of collegiate sports. With almost 20,000 student athletes participating and a large community of fans and players of all ages, having a more integrated sport within college communities would be invaluable to the development of ultimate.

Currently, college ultimate receives minimal financial assistance across the country. The players and captains of each team spend much of their time and energy keeping their teams together and running smoothly. As a sport that requires you to pay for your own travel, food, dues, and equipment, many potential athletes are discouraged from considering participation. This hinders the growth of ultimate. The NCAA could play a key role in alleviating some of these issues and help to advance the sport.

Letter to
Executive Director The National Collegiate Athletic Association
Director Emmert,

Please consider ultimate as the next NCAA-sponsored sport.

The limited support of ultimate within college communities inhibits the growth of this emerging sport. At the college club level, there are already over 750 teams and nearly 20,000 student athletes participating in ultimate. With the assistance of an NCAA sanction, some of the current issues with funding, management, and exposure would be alleviated, further aiding the advancement of the sport.

Ultimate's large community and outstanding competitive spirit would be a great addition to the NCAA's organization, while allowing an increased number of college athletic programs across the nation to be a part of the extraordinary world of ultimate.

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